Solar Panels

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Do panels make sense?

In in Westchester ny. I am about to replace my roof. I will need approximately an 18kw system. The Tesla roof seems expensive and difficult to get. The panels however seem a good deal.

I live on the river with a large unobstructed west facing roof. It gets sun all day.

I just signed up for Tesla with the $100. Does the whole thing make economic sense in my situation? My electric bills average $420/month and the system recommended costs $32000 currently.

Just how bad are Tesla as a solar company?


  • I've found Tesla to be excellent. Some owners have had complaints. It's hard to say that Tesla is better or worse than anyone else as usually you only see complainers in forums (for any product). Keep in mind a solar roof is unique to your specific house. Every system is different and people's expectations are also different. The solar roof does have a longer order to install time, as the projects are far more complex and the installation work is more extensive.
  • Cluster of 5 neighbors here with solar systems ranging from 4kW to 12kW, two 100% Tesla with Powerwalls, one Tesla solar without PW, one hybrid (non-Tesla solar with Powerwalls) and one non-Tesla. No significant issues with any and all are happy campers. A lot has to do with the install crew in terms of long term satisfaction - this cluster of homes has had decent installation crews....
  • Tesla's tradition panel installations have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, especially if you stick to one of their three cookie-cutter systems.
  • My 8kw system is projected to generate approximately 31kw per day average over the course of the year. I’m located in Northern California and have TOU plan with 2 powerwalls and have a Tesla Model 3. It seems to me that you can’t help but benefit with your electric bills of $420 per month. I think there is another way to look at the math in addition to payback period. The federal tax credit of 26% will reduce your actual final cost down to about $24,000. How much will your bill be reduced? If you’re figuring on about $250 (31kw x .27 x 30days) per month that is a return on your $24,000 investment is 12.5% per year. And the return is tax free. Not a bad investment considering it carries almost -0- risk.
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