Solar Panels

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how to use solar panel on roof?

which company providing me best solar panel for roof any ideas suggest me?


  • There are many companies, including Tesla offering solar systems. Since every installation and location is different, it's hard to provide much detail. You'll have to contact Tesla or other companies to get quotes. I've used a small independent company for one house that worked well. I also used Tesla for my current solar roof and they did an excellent installation job and it's been working great. It's been installed for a year now.

    I would avoid "free" systems where Tesla or others pay for the installation and guarantee a reduction in your monthly bill. The payback is far longer and it can be a headache if you sell your house, since the solar system isn't owned by you. You're far better paying for it up-front, even if you need to pull out a homeowner loan to do it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  • Since clicking on a "Like" for TeslaTap's post above may not be assertive enough, I just wanted to more forcefully concur with their post. Do everything in your power to insure that you outright own the PV on your roof. Buying or selling a residence where a third party owns the rooftop solar is a freaking nightmare. Talk to a realtor. Smart buyers will walk away from a leased or PPA system-equipped house.

    Horror stories about the lease/PPA transfer process holding up a home sale for months are common...regardless of solar provider.
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