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How do I get the Tesla app to activate??

We had the powerwall 2 installed and completed in mid-December and registered it and its still not conected to the app is there something I am missing?


  • It was instant for me at the time of configuration. The installer went through the setup and configuration.

    When the installer completed the setup, I restarted my app and it was simply there. (had to swipe left from my model 3 screen). Your installer had to input the same email address used for your Tesla account. As long as that was done (and the configuration was done correctly) it should just immediately appear.
  • I also find another problem with the proxy server that tesla use. I use <a href=></a> for my work with livescore in dota and noticed that i can`t connect to the site while in tesla. I thought that there was a problem with the site but then read that tesla used a nonstandard proxy and port for connecting that`s why i can`t log in the site. So just spent some time changing it and it`s working now. I think you have to try this solution too.
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