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Horrible Tesla Solar Systems Customer Service

After completing my solar + powerwall installation with Tesla, I feel that I have been subject to a most awful customer service experience. My installation was completed at the end of September 2020 and I received the permission to operate my system from my utility company in October 2020.

Since my installation, I have had to request 2-3 service calls to fix my installation. My experience has been atrocious thus far - in each case, Tesla takes about 2 business weeks to acknowledge the problem and then suggests an appointment window that is more than a month away. I was wondering what kind of experience others have been through.

I am frustrated by this level of customer service and I am wondering if there is an avenue where my concerns would be heard.


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  • I agree. I’m disappointed. I’ve just purchased 2 new Power-walls, that are not working as promised. The on call Tesla techs all seem friendly, but nevertheless remote, and ultimately unresponsive to my needs for repair in a timely manner. Their reassurances that “Tier Two” will diagnose the “Configuration” problems in 7 business days (a couple weeks!) isn’t reassuring at all.
  • Poor coordination between Tier 2 and the installer company is our problem. TIer 2 has to authorize warranty work or you'll wind up paying the installer to come out for whatever problem. And Tier 2 issues work orders to the installer and they seem to disappear somewhere. I had a copy of one such work order sent to me by a Tesla support person and our installer knew nothing about it, couldn't find it and never sent a tech out. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. And lazy support seems to be the mode here in Puerto Rico. This is a booming business and there are a lot of barely qualified people selling solar. Even Tesla-certified installes are lax about customer support. Had we known how poor the support is from the company we bought from, we'd have looked elsewhere, but I'm told by someone who should know that this is generally a problem here on the island.
  • Tesla and this Powerwall installation has been nothing but a nightmare.

    We did a test and shut off our power to make sure that everything is going to work in the event of a real power outage. (that is the only reason we purchased this powerwall)


    It was on a sunny morning, we were using about 1 KWH on the house. There was about 2.5 - 3 kwh coming in from the solar. We have a 8.4 kwh system. Once we shut off the main power, the inverter shuts off, I guess that is normal and the powerwall kicks in. No problem so far.

    Because it is sunny out, the solar inverter reboots, the solar powers back up to around 2.5 - 3 kwh and then we get an error - AC FREQUENCY TOO HIGH. Then the powerwall shuts off and all the lights in the house were flickering. The inverter shuts off again, and tries again. It did this about 4 times and after that, I didnt want to do it again, I wasn't sure if it was going to damage the inverter.

    If the powerwall can not charge during a sunny day and during a power outage, this system is useless.

    I am venting on here because I called Tech support and they lied to me. They told me that we were using too much energy and that was the reason for the error and why the powerwall shut off. I made sure to be using the least amount of power in the house to do this test.

    I am ready to have them rip this out of our house. I don't appreciate tech support talking down to me and lying and the other reason, this powerwalll doesn't work.

    This has been nothing but a disaster. I would expect more from Tesla - maybe they will actually do something when I tell them to get this thing out of here.
  • Caz666- I feel for you and your only recourse might be to formulate a stronger argument in your faavor.

    I don't own a power wall but i believe you should perform your test again, this time be more extensive and WRITE every detail down in a "testing" diary - Take note of the time, then take notice at your power meter of just how much power your household is using. Shut the mains off and use a meter to measure household power usage. Does it show your power wall is providing the correct amount of power your house needs? If your power wall has a KWhr meter, this may help confirm power usage (delivery).

    A cellphone video may bolster your tale as an eyewitness but don't forget to write all details down on paper. With good naration you could make an excellent youtube video about Tesla Power walls failure that I'm certain will get the company's attention - especially if your video title uses the words "Power Wall failure".

    You tested on a sunny day but test it also at night, just to show your problem isn’t a one time occurence.
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