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Horrible Tesla Solar Systems Customer Service

After completing my solar + powerwall installation with Tesla, I feel that I have been subject to a most awful customer service experience. My installation was completed at the end of September 2020 and I received the permission to operate my system from my utility company in October 2020.

Since my installation, I have had to request 2-3 service calls to fix my installation. My experience has been atrocious thus far - in each case, Tesla takes about 2 business weeks to acknowledge the problem and then suggests an appointment window that is more than a month away. I was wondering what kind of experience others have been through.

I am frustrated by this level of customer service and I am wondering if there is an avenue where my concerns would be heard.


  • Sorry about your problems. It's also annoying to post duplicate posts. This is an owners forum. See my answers in your duplicate post in Energy Products.
  • Tesla does not want to respond to any malfunctions. I pay more with solar than before. I have been calling for years and I get told everything is perfect.
  • I feel your pain. I was told I needed service on the solar box outside my house. I have carpenters here who need the box or panels moved or adjusted so they can finish their work. Can't seem to get hold of anyone involved with Tesla for this. I've had the roof panels for about 8 years, and am seriously thinking of having them removed. They are not worth the aggravation.
  • Curbman, Does your system meet the contracted production? There's a chart in your contract that shows the guaranteed yearly production, broken down by month. If your production does not meet those numbers, on a rolling 24 month basis, you can be paid for the shortfall. The amount you'll be paid per kWh is also in the contract.

    This assumes you own your system, and probably doesn't apply if you're on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Agreed that their customer service for solar panel systems is woefully poor. It begins with the website--all vehicle-oriented, harder to navigate to solar energy system info and support. Response via email takes days. My system (installed in 2018) went down in early November. Took three weeks for a tech to show up to diagnose the problem (a little earlier than originally scheduled, granted). Haven’t heard from them since (it’s early January now). I can’t even tell whether my case is active. So frustrating in a day-and-age in which you can even track the processing of a food delivery order, from order, receipt, prep, delivery status, and delivery confirmation, receiving notifications along the way.
  • I'm in the same boat. My brand new, very expensive system, has now been down 6 straight weeks and down for 7 of the 8 weeks since approval to activate. That is a 12% operational rate which is blatantly unacceptable. This system is a lemon and they do not appear to care about my plight or customer service.

    Acknowledgement of service request via the app takes weeks and then 3-4 more for an actual appointment. Calling scheduling and actually talking to someone and trying to elevate does no good ether.

    Still waiting for service and a working system.

  • Your contract should include provisions for compensation, should production guarantees not be met for a rolling 24 month period.
  • I should sell all my Tesla stock for good. Customer service is horrible and Elon seem like doesn’t care much. My 2021 model Y already have 3 services and still at Tesla shop at I write this. My solar system is the same. Permission to turn on and get lost because nothing showing on the app. Call customer service and all they did is created the ticket and nothing happened. Now, I know why people don’t like to use Tesla solar for reasons. Terrible customer service Elon.
  • Please understand that your experience is the exception, rather than the rule.

    The vast majority of customers have had experiences that fully met their expectations, but like with most products in general, the "pleased" customers rarely take the time to post of their experiences. I am one of those customers that *does* take the time, and I try to help those that may be facing challenges. I've been a solar PV user, EV driver and advocate for both since the late '90s.

    Tesla continues to be the "Big Boy" in solar and EVs in the USA, and their pricing model for solar is what's driven them there.
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