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Intermittent PGE Grid Outages

My installation 44 panels, 2 PW's was completed and PGE turned on in Dec. Since then, I had two short 1 minute, and a 2 minute grid outage today where I am the only customer effected. PGE shows my lastest outage customer effected as 1, me. The PW's backup but not seemless like when they were tested with installation, some things in the house actually turn off. Any ideas why this might be happening. I would think as a new customer Tesla would be responsive. Impossible people to reach. Not sure what to do.



  • The grid-detection circuits in PWs (the TEG, really) are pretty sensitive to grid transients, and will transition to PW power if the voltage (120V + or- 5%) or frequency (60Hz + or - .01%) is out of spec. This is to protect utility workers that might be trying to repair downed power lines. We can't have our systems back-feeding the grid, when it's expected to be dead.

    I get backup notifications an average of five times a year, and they last from about five minutes (mostly) to days (rarely), but you really can't use this for specific comparison, as grid stability can vary by region. I'm in So. CA. These backups can drive UPS devices nuts, btw.

    Power transitions aren't always as smooth as we'd like. Zero-crossing power switchover is relatively sophisticated technology, and expensive to implement. Some powered devices will just give up and shut down if the switchover process doesn't hold power up during the transition. I suspect that's why you find that some devices turn off, while others remain on. It might depend on the internal power supply front-ends of the devices. I sometimes have to turn devices back on during a grid failure/PW backup event, as well as reset a clock or two. The important stuff (refrigerators) seem to weather these transitions just fine.

    If you think that these transients are in your system, I'd give Tesla a call.

    Tesla Customer Support

    1-877-961-7652 (Found to work as of 10/30/20)
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