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mechanical protection of powerwalls

I have 3 powerwalls mounted to the garage wall next to each other. I am looking for good mechanical protection in case a vehicle entering the garage might accidentally touch it. thank you in advance


  • Install a bollard in garage opposite to the Powerwall. I have a bollard for my gas heater. I am surprised yours passed inspection without a bollard. I have y Powerwalls outside garage just to avoid installing bollards.
  • I used to have a bollard in front of my furnace/water heater in my garage. Very effective...mounted deep into the concrete floor. I moved the furnace (attic) and water heater (wall mount tankless) elsewhere. The inspector wouldn't allow the bollard to be removed anyway, which was just stupid (if you ask me), as it was no longer protecting anything, and sat smack in the middle of the new walking pathway.

    It magically disappeared after final sign-off. I think it was cut-off tool faeries.
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