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Motor options

When I put my money down to get on the list, I said I wanted a single motor. Now the first people to get one will be those with multiple motors. Where does that leave me, will I be given the option of adding motors? I don't see how to do it on the website.


  • At any point you can always edit your reservation if you want to.
  • Click manage on your cybertruck reservation, and click "Edit Design"
  • that will put you at the back of the line, however still ahead of where you are at now
  • I am not 100% sure if it changes your place in line, i added FSD at a later time and my reservation number didnt change. Dont take my word for it if you are concerned.
  • I believe Andy is correct. My SA said that you can make changes when it come time to place your actual order.

    However, I did add FSD after I placed my original reservation just to be safe. The RN did not change.
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