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Disappointing Tesla support for failed inverter.

My older Solar City installation had an inverter failure, noticed on Oct 14 2020. Technician visit was scheduled for a month later (Nov 12). I had no contact with them during their visit - wasn't even sure they had actually been here. I emailed five days later and was told to phone Tesla to get status. I did so and was told that the inverter needed to be replaced and that they were working out what was needed. Now it's early January.

Just tried online chat (20 minute wait, 45 minutes total time) to be told "we are still trying to locate a replacement. .... Due to COVID it is more difficult to obtain certain items". I was told that my query would be made a "priority", whatever that means.

Assuming a part shortage is truth, I have to agree with others that the support hasn't been what I would hope for. If you can't get the parts, then you should tell the customer instead of just letting them stew. If you appear to ignore the problems of your customers then eventually you'll get a reputation that you don't really care about them.

At this point, I don't have a primary point of contact - someone whom I can email to ask about status. Chat person did not (?would not?) give me a name. So I'm going to initiate a chat every day until I get such a direct personal contact.

Can anyone suggest how I might instigate a more direct contact with whoever is actually in charge of my account?


  • I can't stress this enough...YOU are in charge of your account, and must act as an advocate. Based on what we see here, the "squeaky wheel" indeed "gets the grease", with Tesla.

    That being said, do understand that Tesla works with the third-party inverter manufacturers for warranty issues. It appears that Tesla does *not* stock spares for inverters, and as such must depend on their manufacturer. Once Tesla files a claim with them, it's pretty much out of Tesla's hands.
  • Thanks Gregbrew. Will definitely start squeeking.
    This isn't a warranty repair. This installation is many years past that. Just need to get a new inverter and have it installed.
  • Similar experience for me with SunPower and a failed SunnyBoy inverter out of warranty. Several months of exchanges with SunPower yielded no joy. Ended up getting a new inverter (on EBay believe it or not) still in the factory box. Had an authorized SunPower dealer do the install in order to implement warranty on the inverter. The dealer was wonderful - SunPower sucked. It's all about local relationships in my book...
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