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Trying to add new house solar panels to Tesla account, and can't

I have one house (that's being sold this month) and one car on my Tesla app. We added solar panels and a power wall to our second house (one we are keeping) in 2020. I tried to add the second house to my Tesla app and was told I couldn't since the Power Wall was added to my husband's Tesla account, and we could not have on both. Yet we have the car on both? So now I see the energy generated by panels on the house I'll no longer own, but can't see what's being generated on the house I live in. Can't I add a new home solar installation to my Tesla account and app?
I've had horrible customer service from Tesla and received a "we'll get back to you email" but never got a response.


  • E-mail appears to be a black hole. Calling them seems to get a better response, but even that can be painful.

    Tesla Customer Support

    1-877-961-7652 (Found to work as of 10/30/20)
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