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Has anyone not gone to service center after your delivery of Tesla?

All my friends, who own Tesla, went to a service center for minor issues.

I only have seen one YouTuber that received perfect condition and not went to the service center.

What about you guys?


  • I think it’s become subjective for many people. The reputation around quality control has lead to “unfair” paranoia when someone gets a new Tesla.

    When I got my Camaro. I literally didn’t spend one second looking at the vehicle on the exterior. It wasn’t until I was reading with Tesla that I started to look closer. And low and behold, my camaro had some panel gap issues and some rubber coming apart on the inside above the passenger door.

    My Tesla was in great shape. Beautiful inside and out. But I spent 25 minutes (with my brother in law) looking at every nook and cranny of this car. He found 2 paint “defects” and they told me to set up an appointment. These were such a minor issue that there is no way I would have noticed on any other vehicle pick up.
  • I have only been to the service center to have Homelink installed. The car has been maintenance free.
  • My experience is consistent with that of Kneought above.
    I took delivery of a 2021 MS after dark on 12/31/20. Next day I noticed uneven hood, a loose rubber seal on driver’s door (fixed myself in 5 seconds), and a nick in wheel so small I had trouble finding it again the next day.

    The car is beautiful and drives like a dream. Black on black with grey turbine wheels. I’m having the front wrapped and ceramic all around next week.

    I’m hooked on Tesla.
  • I ordered and paid for my Tesla on Friday. It was delivered on Saturday. And, I've had no problems.
  • I got my new 2021 model S last month and have had no issues. A great car.
  • In Consumer Reports survey of Tesla owners, I think it was average of four visits requiring leaving the car in year one. Tesla owners tolerance of amount of service needed on the cars is legend.
  • Legend = Troll Lore
  • > @TabascoGuy said: > Legend = Troll Lore"

    Tesla ranked 1st in owner satisfaction and 27/28 in reliability. Widest gap CR has recorded.
  • Trolls gotta troll.

    My M3 had no issues when I inspected it at delivery. I too was hypercritical in my inspection due to all the claims of delivery issues. We spent more time going over this one car than all the other cars I've purchased combined.

    I have had no maintenance, functionality, or, software issues at delivery or since. I have not had any reason to take it in for service but I'll let you know once the first year is actually up.

    Listen to the troll at your own risk. I don't believe a word he says. Ever.
  • Our Model S and 3 are just over 2 years old, and they’ve only been in service to get the HW3 upgrade. I’m bringing both cars back to service this month for routine 2 year maintenance, but there’s nothing wrong with either car.
  • I have gone there since they were also a delivery location. I wanted to see if they had any model y's waiting for delivery.

    Had mobile service come twice. Once when I noticed a plastic piece under the car that swings up and covers a bolt under the car had broken off probably during delivery, and another time when I hit an interior panel behind the drivers seat with my arm when getting out of the car. The panel got loose and I probably could just have pushed it back in, but was afraid of not lining it up and breaking a clip. Tech lined it up, put in New clips with 2 minutes.

    Wish the car would give automatic service alerts like Rotate Tires, Inspect Brake Fluid, Replace interior air filter, etc since I rarely check mileage or remember when 1 or 2 years have passed unlike other cars that I change oil on every 6 months.
  • Actual count for me in first year was:

    1. Mobile Service x 1
    2. Drop off service x 3

    Mobile Service was non-working Lane Keeping which Tesla confirmed does not work consistently to be useful.

    Drop off service was from getting "Call Service Immediately" warnings, one while driving car where Emergency Service looking at car booked the service appointment for next morning with "don't drive anywhere but to service" caveat.
  • We have not.
  • Three Tesla's, Zero visits right after delivery. My 3 at 83k miles has never seen the inside of a service center.
  • "Tesla owners are more satisfied than any other auto brand's, according to Consumer Reports. Tesla customers are more satisfied than those of any other auto brand for the third consecutive year, according to Consumer Reports, which placed Tesla first on its 2019 list of auto brands ranked by owner satisfaction."

    What is CR?
  • had mine for 10 weeks - I did stop at the service center one - to buy an accessory
  • We have a MS and M3 both from late 2018. The M3 has had no issues, service or ranger. The MS had 2 ranger visits and 1 SC. First ranger was to repair a very slightly bent autopilot camera trim on delivery and recently to repair loose rear seat USB ports (I carpool a full car of tweens 4 days a week, 2hrs each day and they are constantly plugging cords in and yanking them out to keep their ever present electronics working).

    The SC visit was for screen yellowing and HW3 upgrade. SC had to reschedule once due to the machine that repairs yellowing being broken. The actual SC visit was smooth, the staff friendly & professional and the work completed right on the estimate time. This SC visit gave me a chance to "test" drive a PY, so the wait was very fun.

    I was impressed that as I pulled into the SC parking lot, I received a text from Tesla saying that "I was checked in for my appointment and my paperwork would be ready shortly." By the time I got inside, service rep had everything ready and it was the easiest check in ever. Great use of Geofencing to improve the Service experience!
  • Had a ranger come to my house once to install the garage opener but have not needed any service thankfully
  • I have never been to a service center in 2.5 years/73k miles.
  • Once a month the first year of ownership for multiple issues. But it does not seem common based on responses here.
  • 2020 M3. Installed Home Link. Otherwise, nothing, zip, nada.
  • 2 visits 1 mobile. 1.5 years 65k km.

    Pleasant experience every time
  • Not a good idea to avoid service altogether as you miss out on service bulletin work that could affect the safety or reliability of the car. Just this week we had our M3 in for bi-annual service and they completed a service bulletin "Replace Charge Port Pin Deadfronts" whatever that is. In 8 years of MS ownership, there have been a number of service bulletins. The work is free.
  • > @stevenmaifert_12203 said:
    > Not a good idea to avoid service altogether as you miss out on service bulletin work that could affect the safety or reliability of the car.

    My mobile tech keeps me apprised of those. He replaced my charge port pins a year ago.
  • I made an appointment for little tiny things like gap around 1 headlight, interior trim above driver seatbelt slightly piping out. Almost cancelled service appointment but my tire locks/ lug nuts arrived and and service department installed them at no charge :smile:
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