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Tesla Model S is the most unreliable car on the planet!

$10,000 in repairs on my 2015 P85D in the past year. When I complained to service they told me that everyone is dealing with the same issue. Fact is, these cars aren't designed to last.

Sad to say my next car won't be a Tesla. Going to buy a car that doesn't fall apart after 5 years.


  • Did you crash the car? Have 100,000 miles? Drive over large rocks? Buy optional retrofits? How you drive has some effect on maintenance costs on any car.

    I've spent $2500 in the last 4 years, but that was for the MCU2 retrofit, which was a feature I wanted. My Tesla has been far more reliable and has cost less to maintain than prior luxury ICE cars.
  • What kind of repairs did you have?
  • I guess you gambled and lost on the extended warranty. Peace of mind for 8 years wasn’t worth it I guess.
  • i've spend around $7k and driven over 250k miles. they are definitely built to last. Did you have a conversation with a Tech from Henrietta, NY? they usually are fairly clueless at that location.
  • spent!
  • I don't get it. Why would someone complain on a forum just to spread FUD for kicks and giggles?

    It's very possible that a particular car of any kind after 6 years will have $10K in repairs. It sucks, but it certainly happens. I remember sitting in a BMW advisor's office while he was on the phone itemizing a $5K repair for someone. The advisor seemed to have had a lot of practice going through such service bills. Tesla is objectively better since there are far fewer moving parts. But it has plenty of other complexities that can cause problems and large repair bills.
  • Let's see if the OP returns to this thread to provide details.
  • I just traded in a 2017 100D I bought new a little over a month ago with 100K miles on it. I didn't have a single repair in 3 years. It still had the same 12v battery.

    I bought a 2021 S long range plus. It definitely drives way smoother, quieter, and way more efficient than the 2017. It also charges to 406 miles and supercharges quicker. I'm extremely happy with the new S. I've already put over 3K miles on it.
  • Heater stopped working now! This is ridiculous. What good is a million miles powertrain when the rest of car falls apart at 160K miles...

    I've been an owner is 2015 yes I'm real. You guys are nuts. If Model 3 has same issues, things are going to get really bad for Tesla in a couple years when the 3s age.
  • You guys are ridiculous. What "details" am I supposed to give about the repairs?

    Is an owner not allowed to vent on a forum without being called a troll and labeled as "Fud"?

    Tesla has a reliability issue and you aren't doing the company any favours by putting your head in the sand and ignoring it. It will eventually catch up to them.
  • TYTANX, have you checked the fuse box?

    Also, let service know immediately if you live in the northeast or in another cold climate area. This can be detrimental to the pack.
  • My 2016 S will strongly disagree with your statement of unreliability.
  • Mine too. Also my 2013.
  • Silver2K,

    Haven't checked the fuse box yet. Are you referring to my heater issue? Wife was driving the car and said it started working after about an hour or driving. I didn't ask here if the snowflake icon was on the screen indicating a cold battery.
  • Not sure what is going on with your car and why you are having so much trouble. My 2013 has had a couple of thousand in repairs in 7.5 years 190k miles. 2018 no repairs or any service yet.
  • > @TytanX said:
    > Silver2K,
    > Haven't checked the fuse box yet. Are you referring to my heater issue? Wife was driving the car and said it started working after about an hour or driving. I didn't ask here if the snowflake icon was on the screen indicating a cold battery.

    yes i was referring to the heating system
  • $10,000 after 160,000 miles doesn't seem bad to me at all. We have never owned a car with over 110,000 miles, but if I recall correctly, after we hit the 50,000, 4-5 year warranty period, BMW, Lexus and Cadillac were always dinging us $1,200 to @$3,000 every year or 8,000 to 10,000 miles. I can't imagine what the total would have been if we kept the BMW for 160,000---------I bet $30K or more.
  • My BMW was dinging me $1,200 to $3,000 per visit. I couldn't sell that thing fast enough.
  • 80k miles on my 2003 bmw m3

    I needed a suspension overhaul that was near $5k

    my clutch was starting to slip a bit and needed a $3,500 investment sooner than later.

    oil changes were close to $200 because the car used 10w60.

    the remote did not open the driver door any longer

    my trunk lid would not release all the time or close every time.

    the soft top would get stuck in the middle at times and would have to reset it by either closing it or fully opening it by hand.

    the driver seat tore at the seam (that was weird)

    my console powder coating was horrible

    the shifter chipped (no ring on right hand)

    the list was long.

    the car was great though 😎
  • Cars have issue based on care and where you drive it. You can't compare a model s drive in Syracuse to one driven California.

    the road conditions and weather have lots to do with how much you would have to pay to keep the car on the road.
  • > @EVRider said:
    > Let's see if the OP returns to this thread to provide details.

    I am betting no my replied from the OP. There are still shorts about. Maybe the OP is taking advice from this guy:
  • I don't need details from him. My experience is nothing like his. I know what I know, so what he says or what he claims makes no difference to me.
  • I spoke to the regional manager on Monday and was encouraged by his response to my complaints about NY service centers. He said there are opportunities in NY without question and is taking my experience very seriously. He took down 2 1/2 legal sized pages of complaints while speaking to me for almost an hr over the phone. he also offered to pick up my car and have it serviced in a Mass service center, but at the moment I declined the offer. I felt it was a resource waste and it would be best if I drove the car to that specific service center.

    There were quite a few things he thought were just basic common sense and should have been taken seriously and resolved on the spot. He was particularly unhappy with the fact that I drove to the service center (3hrs total back and forth) on a scheduled service just to be sent home with my car not repaired. Scheduled appointments being cancelled the day before the appointment or parts being ordered the day before they are needed. My driver side wheel off-center for almost a year and they were aware of the issue and not address it (TWICE) after I was told it should be fixed after an alignment. I noticed a bad ground and mobile on a few occasions said either they didn't have time or parts to repair it which later caused my steering to lock up occasionally. And decided to charge me a diagnostic fee for something i had known and wanted fixed for months while the tech had the frunk liner out. And mobile responded with "we advised him it's an out of warranty issue and its customer pay". I explained to the regional that I've happily spent thousands on repairs and this $20 repair is where I say "no thanks"?

    They treat the cars and their customers like trash and he was unhappy with all that has gone on.

    His reaction to me driving to MT. Kisco 13 times was priceless, but that was my last S.

    The list is very long...

    He was recruited from Apple and seems to be a really nice guy and I certainly hope he succeeds in Tesla's environment. He's going to get beat up and feel for him.
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