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Does Model X now come with one DC motor?

I love my 2017 Model X, but my 2018 Model 3 has 1 DC motor and 1 induction motor and comes to a full stop on regen braking. The X just coasts on regen after speed slows to a walking pace. Not having to move my foot to the brake pedal makes a more pleasant driving experience. Also, the 3 goes into Hold mode after stopping. I am told the DC motor is required to accomplish this.
I wonder if Tesla could "fake" this on an X like mine, by just applying the brakes gently for the final speed reduction. ISTM that all this computer power and OTA update capability could add this refinement to my "Flagship" vehicle.


  • I suspect it might be technically possible, but I also expect Tesla isn't going to spend time improving an old car when it already solved the issue on the new cars (S/X with different front motor).

    Generally, if they add software for a new car that can be applied to existing hardware, they release it to everyone. When new features only work with the newest hardware, they sometimes allow retrofits (like MCU2) to older hardware. Doing a motor replacement seems way too expensive and a lot of service effort for Tesla do want to do that kind of retrofit.

    Lastly, Tesla has to be super careful with any change that could affect a safety system (i.e. brakes). My guess there zero upside for Tesla, and lots of downside risk to make such a feature active on old cars.
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