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Bad service

Our screen blacked out. Tesla said they would have someone come to our house. One week later we reminded them and they immediately towed it one hour away to Toledo. Now the car is one hour away, not charged and then want us to go pick up. When you buy a 100k car you expect better treatment. Maybe the quality is catching up...


  • I suspect it more about COVID. Difficult to risk drivers for anything other than tows.

    Was it charged up when they picked it up or was it already drained when they towed it? Have you asked them if they can charge it up before you arrive? Is there a Supercharger nearby? Did your prior ICE car service places fill up the tank with gas when your car was ready for pickup?
  • I think they sold more cars than they can service. We are having issues in miami with difficulty getting appointment and then car languishing, service not performed, for days. We had a screen problem as well- ours had a border around it. We scheduled and after we dropped it off we’re told that the required machine was broken. Then we rescheduled and the same thing happened and car was there for almost 6 days. Last issue was I had car towed with wheel problems no it took over 24 hours and many emails md messaging through the app to hear from the service employee assigned. I appreciate COVID issues, but this was happening prior. Tesla need better service capabilities.
  • After owning a Model 3 without issues, I decided to buy a Model X. I though it would be a wonderful car and I expected a great experience as I had with the 2018 M3 Performance.
    The new Model X Performance was a stock 2021 vehicle with 150 miles. The car was delivered dirty inside and out. The floor mats looked used and the seats had ink stains. The panel gaps looked like it was put together by monkeys at the factory. I ordered this one because it had all I wanted. The main think was the white interior. When I picked up the car the seats were white but the dash was all black, not the bottom white and the top black as shown in the website. I got no answer from the delivery person which disappeared.
    The Dania Beach store service tech had an attitude and to top it all after waiting for 2 1/2 hrs, the car came back with just as bad panel issues as it came with. I voiced my dissatisfaction to the tech and he said it was the best they can do. On my drive back, I noticed a new issue, they apparently made it worse by introducing wind noise which it did not had before. I am quite disappointed and angry at Tesla. I guess they think that they have a following, but guess what, they will not if they keep this crap up. Bad deal Elon, very bad.
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