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IRS Form for Energy Storage Investment Tax Credit of 26% in 2020

I called Tesla and they were not clear about which form to use for Investment Tax Credit of 26% for the Powerwalls I installed in 2020. The Tesla website says form 5695 for solar & storage, both, but I can't find anywhere on the form where I can enter the data for Energy storage. Has anyone done this or can point me in the right direction? My CPA has not come across this issue before. Thanks


  • 5695 is the correct form. My Powerwalls were installed in 2019 as an addition to my already installed solar and my filing last year used that form. Since your Powerwalls are added to existing solar, they are classified as "Qualified solar electric property". Line 1...
  • What Jones said ^^^^.

    I did the same, for TY 2019.
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