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Thumping noise when reversing at an angle in Model X

Hi! To get out of our driveway I have to reverse at a tight angle by turning the steering wheel all the way to the left. There’s a thumping noise that usually accompanies this maneuver- at first I thought I was running over nuts or something that could have possibly fallen off the trees or had gotten stuck in the grooves of my tires! Definitely coming from the front of the car. I brought the car in to get serviced and everything checked out fine. The thumping has gotten worse over time but then this morning I didn’t hear it. I have another appointment at Tesla next week but I don’t want to waste my or their time again...Any ideas??


  • If it's gone, I'm not sure what service can do. If it happens again, you might try and get an audio recording.

    Do you have non-standard tires or rims? Perhaps they are too large. Ok, assuming you have stock tires and rims, you might check if the tires are scraping the wheel wells. Perhaps one wheel well liner is not attached completely. There is very little clearance, especially when reversing at full turns. I think they should have been able to see it, but perhaps not. A liner could have also been damaged due to rocks or ice slamming into it at high speed.
  • Thanks so much for your response. I live in London and except for rain, haven’t run into any seriously inclement weather. I took ownership of the car in September 2020 so and had some minor irritations upon delivery but the noise started maybe a month or so later. I have a couple recordings of the noise that I’ve sent to Tesla so we’ll see. As long as this won’t affect the safety of my car I can live with the thumping but it can be a bit disconcerting when it happens!
  • I have the same problem on full lock to the left. More seriously though is a clunking grating noise when turning the steering wheel and braking intermittently as when parking into a tight spot. Sent it in to service and they say it is the combination of turning the wheel and braking. I have never had this experience with any other car [ and I have had a few including a Model S] and I am asking to have this fixed. Same problem anyone?
  • Had this problem. Service3 times. First said nothing wrong. Second that they had to change some part, but instead I was told they ended up "torquing" something. 3rd time in they said it was a loose battery shield. Whatever they did finely worked.
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