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Tesla Poland - share your experience here

I have ordered Model 3 and noticed some things that could be improved for Tesla customers in Poland. In this thread I plan to document my experience (in hope that this feedback will be taken into account by Tesla).


  • Issue #1: Ability to correct registration data.
    Purchasing process on line seems to be simple but once you enter data it is impossible to adjust them. I have entered my personal and business address but it has been mixed up on the PO confirmation. I doubt that it was my mistake, nerveless I cannot fix it (other than by contacting Tesla by email which I did).
  • Issue #2: I cannot change the car configuration.
    On my Tesla account I can see configuration details of the car I have ordered with a note "Any change may affect the delivery date and incur charges." But there is now information how I can change this configuration (on line, directly by contacting Tesla or ?)
  • Issue #3: Unknown delivery date weeks after the order has been placed.
    I have placed the order on December 24th 2020, received automatic email with the order confirmation but delivery date still remains unknown. On Tesla page it says that currently placed orders would have estimated delivery in February 2021, but on my car order there is only a note: "We will contact you to arrange a delivery date.".
    I thought that 3 weeks would be enough to at least confirm that it will happen in February 2021 (or not). So far no follow from Tesla Poland on that topic.
  • Issue #4: Requests for test ride remain unanswered.
    Since Tesla has opened their Sales in Poland in summer 2020, I have requested a test ride maybe dozen times (there is an on line form). I have also went to their Sales center in Warsaw and asked for the same but they have directed me to the web page. There is no follow up (even confirmation that my request has been received) from Tesla for 5 months.
  • Issue #5 I cannot use a referral code with my order.
    I wanted to use the referral code from my fiend, but there is no place to enter it. I don;t know how to add it now because there is no way to contact Tesla in Poland (email is no-reply, nobody is picking up the phone provided on line - that is a separate issue )
  • Issue #6: No way to contact Tesla Poland
    The email I have with my order confirmation is a no-reply type of email. There is a phone number for Tesla customers but nobody has answered my calls.
  • I'm also waiting for M3 delivery in Poland. Ordered Sep 30.
    This is strange. I got my test drive very quickly, they called me back in 2 days to schedule the test drive, the staff was very responsive, I called several times and asked all questions. It was 1 hour in the car by myself, great experience. Later they always returned my calls.
    Did you call the right number? Tesla store moved to a new location recently. Number could be different.
    Some people wait already 4-5 months in Poland. They only confirm the delivery date after the car is produced. Sorry. But definitely not going to happen in February as per configurator.
    PL webpage is bugged, some things don't work. I don't know how I can help you with that. For referral you can try to add "&referral=" in the address bar.
    Good luck!
  • @khar - I have called the only number posted on Tesla Web page: 022 307 26 45.
    I have also tried to contact them via email: [email protected] but it is no-reply type of email.
    Do you have any other number or email?
  • It has been 5 days since I have sent them an email - still no response.
    I wonder if the same customer service is provided in other EU countries.
  • Finally I have managed to contact Tesla in Poland but only directly calling or mailing to individual sales rep. All emails sent to [email protected] end up in their junk folder.
    BTW, I have been promised to receive my model 3 LR in early March (10 weeks after placing an order).
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