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Is it worth waiting for Berlin Model Y?

I live in the Czech Republic, where Model Y isn't available even for preorder, but I can get the MIC Model 3 2021 in a few weeks. Should I get the 3 now or wait for Y? When do you think Berlin Model Y will start selling? My guess is September 2021.

My list of reasons why wait:
- Less expensive due to innovations and distance from Berlin.
- Heated steering wheel, new MIC/M3 2021 redesigned console.
- More space, higher driving position, bigger and more useful trunk, reclining back seats.
- New batteries?
- New fancy paint shop.

I want to hear your opinions and reasons. Thank you!


  • Hi (ahoj),

    I was just thinking about browsing these topics for the first time in months and what do I find, the exactly same problem. :)

    But I am for sure waiting - hoping the price will be around 50k eur (prices of MIC Model Y are similar).

    Another reason for Model Y is storage and possibility of camping with bigger trunk.

    The only thing I dislike is front hood, I would appreciate it looking more like S/X but that's my problem. Also it looks much better in person than photos.

    But the main game changer will be the batteries and improved castings/paint. So I will definitely wait for the most newest and best Tesla.
  • Hi I would say if you don't specifically need a hatchback then I would recommend getting the 3 since it's very similar otherwise and the sooner you get one the better in general : ) I'll share my referral link with you here for when you place your order too Cheers and danke schoen!
  • it's worth waiting for the new battery if you have already waited this long. It will be out soon
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