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Identifying 250Kw SuperCharger stations

I am an eight year Tesla owner, now on my second Tesla, a new Model X. Sold my 2013 MS60 to my son-in-law.

I have been frustrated at the disparity in the SuperCharging station rate of charge nearby in Georgia, although I certainly do not fault Tesla for continuing to improve them, and understand that the older ones will remain as initially installed.

The issue is quite simply the ability to identify the time to a full charge.

In Atlanta the difference in time to full charge between the 72Kw stations at Lenox Square, the 150Kw stations at Atlantic Station, and the 250Kw stations at Metter on I-16 on the way to Savannah is dramatic.

I have found that the underside of now having 350 plus miles per charge, is a much longer time to recharge.

Again, I understand the reasons for this, and remain glad the Supercharging stations are available.

With the significantly increased time to charge with the larger batteries, I do not understand why Tesla does not label the charge capacity of their superchargers on the web site map which I use extensively to plan trips. Or at the Supercharger location on the charge stands. It used to be that you could right click on the supercharger location on the web map and it would reveal the capacity of the station. No longer. This information is still available on the IPhone app.

Does anyone know another way of getting to the size of the supercharger other than the IPhone app?



  • The Tesla "Find Us" map that is at the bottom of the page will list the capacity of a SC location (e.g., 8 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW) when you click on a SC on the map. I use the navigation map in my Model X to find SC locations. If you touch the SC symbol, you get a pop-up with the number of stalls available, total number of stalls, and KW capacity.
  • Thank you. That is quite helpful.

    Not clear why they don't provide the same information on the travel charging map.

    But glad to now know how to get it.

    It would be interesting to know if Tesla has placed any priority on updating older supercharging stations such as the 72Kw stations at Lenox Square here in Atlanta, and fairly widespread 150Kw stations in many locations.

    Thanks again for your response....
  • The 72 kW stalls were intended for locals, such as people who live in an apartment that are not allowed to have a charge connection in their parking location. I don't expect they will be upgraded. The 150/250 kW stalls were intended for those traveling who need the fastest charge. Tesla indicated they would be upgrading popular 150 kW stalls to 250 kW at some time, but no timeline was set.
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