Model Y

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Seat heaters

I'm surprised to see that the passenger seat heater selection is saved to the active driver profile. I can understand doing this for the driver seat, because it's quite likely the same setting will be required for the next drive. However the driver can sense the seat heating when it comes on, and change the selection as required. If the passenger leaves the vehicle, their seat heating stays on the same setting until the driver notices and selects it off. I think that the passenger seat selection should only remain in effect until the passenger door opens and/or airbag sensor detects the seat has been vacated. Tesla has gone to great lengths to optimize the energy efficiency of their vehicles, but the current setup can lead to an unnecessary waste of energy. Comments?


  • Good idea. Also, if the seat heaters were connected to the air bag/seat belt sensors they could be auto enabled/disabled for the rear seats as well. I've noticed that the rear seat heaters seem to turn off every time you turn off the car, but the passenger one turns back on when you start the car. Why not make all the passenger seats connected to the occupancy sensors?
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