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Tesla Model S is the most unreliable car on the planet!



  • I forgot 1 major issue that is causing a problem at night for those that upgraded their MCU to MCU2. I should the associate manager a photo as to what the screen looks like at night and was told that they have never heard of the issue. I then sent her a link to the thread on this forum and still denied I mentioned this to her. After over a month she cc's the regional asking for me to show her a photo to the issue....

    Just to be clear, the car is reliable, service is not!
    I love my car, I just wish it was better cared for by service.
  • Yawn 🥱
  • > @WW_Icefree said:
    > Yawn 🥱

    are you going to keep flagging constructive info, idiot?
  • > @Silver2K said:
    > > @WW_Icefree said:
    > > Yawn 🥱
    > are you going to keep flagging constructive info, idiot?

    Are you going to accuse without prove?
  • Oh and yes flag for calling someone idiot.
  • > @WW_Icefree said:
    > Oh and yes flag for calling someone idiot.

    the truth shall set you free, you ol' heathen!
  • > @TabascoGuy said:
    > My BMW was dinging me $1,200 to $3,000 per visit. I couldn't sell that thing fast enough.

    How did you get off so easy. I was paying twice as much 10 years ago.

    My Model S has been a very inexpensive ride by comparison. I got all the extended warranties since I was an early adopter and I was entering the unknown but I really didn't need them.
  • Not in the universe?
  • > @DRFLGD said:
    > Not in the universe?

    Maybe in parallel
  • He probably won't last long. Musk just doesn't care about his customers. All he cares about is getting cars out the door.
  • > @barrykmd said:
    > He probably won't last long. Musk just doesn't care about his customers. All he cares about is getting cars out the door.

  • > @"Earl and Nagin 08 RDS 359" said:
    > @dsteal,
    > Tesla is disrupting several multi-billion-dollar industries and there are many speculators who have invested $billions shorting Tesla stock (winning if price goes down). There has never been a company under so much attack from so many directions as Tesla.
    > There are PR firms hired to try to discredit Tesla through mis-information and FUD campaigns.
    > If you aren't just another FUDster, read around this Forum and see what I'm talking about.

    I didn't know about PR firms hired for this purpose. But Tesla is now one of the largest companies on earth in terms of market cap. I doubt that someone complaining on a forum is going to impact the stock price. Don't you have to be an owner to post a new topic here? Anyway, I'm sure there are better ways to generate negative PR. And no, I'm not a FUDster. I just find that people here are very quick to dismiss and often insult genuine owners who may have a complaint about Tesla. People complain on car forums all the time. No big deal.
  • It sounds like FUD because a problem with one car is being projected to all Model S cars. Sounds dramatic.
  • There will always be cars that are “lemons”, outside to the norm, outside of the standard deviation for reliability. To those few individuals it is a real problem and concern. But illogical to assume that the rest of the 95% have all of the same problems.
    No Tesla is not a Mercedes or Porsche or Audi. These luxury vehicles have their own issues and concerns for owners. Quality control is an issue Tesla will need to improve on going forward. That being said, many owners are very satisfied with their purchase and understand the issues a new and growing company has.
  • I completely agree. One car with problems doesn’t mean that all cars are bad. That makes no sense. But I can also understand the person with the $10K repair bill being frustrated. How many BMW or Porsche owners had expensive repairs and swore off the entire brand. And yet there are plenty of happy BMW and Porsche owners. The same thing will happen to some Tesla owners. Most will be happy and a few will have issues. I personally don’t feel I have to join the owners frustrated with their Tesla’s. My 75D after almost 4 years is fine. But I also don’t feel that I need to jump on the person having troubles and tell them that they are wrong because my car has no problems. That makes no sense either.
  • I don’t know if it’s reasonable to claim that “these cars aren’t built to last.” Yes, the workmanship was inconsistent. But let’s be honest, in 2015, this was the first generation of the first car built on the first platform in the first production facility of a startup company that had only been producing a relatively small run of vehicles for three years at that point. Nissan, Ford, GM... all over 80 years old and arguably still haven’t figured out how to build cars properly. Don’t even get me started on Land Rover.

    Yes... The Customer Service phone line is infuriating and the Service Centers are not nearly good enough. Thankfully we’ve been able to use the ranger service a couple times to swap winter/summer wheels and address a couple minor things, and only had to bother with a SC twice in three years for the screen delamination and control arms.
  • "But let’s be honest, in 2015, this was the first generation"

    This information does not apply to the Tesla way of building cars. Tesla is constantly improving parts and don't wait for generation change to implement updated components. That is why a car built in June of 2015 can have more advanced parts than a May 2015 build.
  • > @WW_Icefree said:
    > > @DRFLGD said:
    > > Not in the universe?
    > Maybe in parallel

    I'm being series. (groan)
  • Hope EM does not find out about him...

    "The nail that stands tall gets pounded down first"
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