Model S

Model S center console replacement

A while back I was looking for a 2015 model S center console but couldn't find it on Tesla's official website (they've disconitnued production). After some forum crawling, I bought one from Taptes, and i'm very satisfied with the product considering its price. Would recommend it if you don't mind cheap production products.


  • For those of you with an older S with the yacht floor, who want an organizer for that space but not the full console, consider the TopFit console insert:

    It's not fancy, but it works well, and you can remove it when you don't need it. I had one in my first pre-console 2016 Model S, and in some ways I liked it better than the built-in console in my current 2018 Model S.
  • I have one and it works great with my yacht floor.
  • If anyone needs a piano black yacht floor I have one for sale.
  • I use my taptes console around 2 years, it still works great
  • Worth the price
  • Ordered it 3 days ago, looking forward to taptes center console!
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