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Please add "Scheduled Departure" to Tesla APP

Hello states-sides to the Tesla APP-team,

it´s getting below freezing quite often here in Germany lately and my Model 3 being parked below my carport has got quite a cold battery in the mornings before I move the car. In order to warm the battery by useing the „Scheduled Departure“ function, I currently always have the hassle to go outside in the evenings in order to use the vehicles display to access an alter the „Scheduled Departure“ function for the right time the next morning.

IDEA: please incorporate the „Scheduled Departure“ function as an additional NEW feature within the Tesla APP.

Thanks very much & fresh wishes


  • I second that suggestion
  • Please add all charging settings to the Tesla app. They are all needed under certain circumstances.
  • They are all WANTED, not needed. I do agree however that scheduled departure in the app would be a lot more convenient.
  • As is the charge limit that can be set in the app. The purpose is always the convenience not to have to walk to the car to change the setting.

    Put yourself in the position of someone who cannot charge at home or at work and has to use a public charger that may be a mile away from home. The person certainly wants to remotely set a time of departure after she makes plans at home, but the app doesn't allow it. Does she want it or need it? Do you want a Tesla or do you need a Tesla? I have difficulties discerning the difference in these cases.
  • +1 for this feature. I'd also suggest a 'one off' option for scheduled departure as currently it runs every day. I get that the feature was probably intended for someone who has a 'regular' schedule M-F so leave for work at 8am for example...but these days with most folks who WFH a 'one off' option would be helpful.
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