Model X

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No connectivity

Since I got my car back from Tesla service a few days ago I haven't got any internet connection for some reason. I can connect my car to my phone through hotspot though. I've tried rebooting a few times with no luck. I've also tried power off.

Any ideas? Tesla was going to call me this Friday but I haven't heard from them. So many issues with this damn car. Love it in so many ways but I also hate it.

I have a model x 2020.


  • Do you get any bars on the cellular indicator? If not, perhaps the cellular antenna was disconnected and they forgot to reconnect it? I'm sure they can solve it.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    I have zero bars. Hope they resolve the issue soon.
  • Hi.
    Since this morning, I am facing an old problem (resolved till now): I cant connect to my cars through the app. One has wifi (working perfectly) and the other is on gsm network. I CAN connect when either car is running, but cannot connect when they're off or locked.
    This happenned 2 yrs ago and was resolved, but now reoccuring.
    Any ideas?
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