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Ordered and then canceled by Tesla???

I ordered my solar roof in October 2020 and January 6, 2021, I received an email that my order was canceled.
I did not cancel. I sent a text to the Project Advisor, and did not receive a response.
Does anyone have any insight?
Thank you,


  • Wow never heard of this before! What city?
  • It could be Tesla is not offering the solar roof in your area. They do not yet have trained installation teams in every location.

    Another situation is your local building code might prevent installation. For example, in Florida, due to hurricanes, some areas require roofs to withstand 170 mph winds. The solar roof is currently rated for 165 mph winds, so it could not be installed in those locations.

    It would be nice if Tesla alerted you to the exact reason for cancelation.
  • My order was canceled once because I was taking too long costing multiple solar systems. I did get a warning, and responded that getting estimates was taking time. A week later my order was canceled and deposit refunded. They told me to reorder when ready and I ended up doing that. My previous order was still in their system. I did have to go through the process again, but it seemed faster than the first time.
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