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Auto-open driver door not opening fully

I have a 2018 MX and really appreciate the auto-open door feature.

I remember when I first got the car the driver's door would open all the way regardless if one would approach the car from the back or the front. Sometimes this was worrisome if the car was parked on the street and there was traffic.

At some point, the behavior of the door changed to only opening a few inches when approaching the door from the front and then opening the rest of the way when one would pass the door (to enter the car). When approaching from the rear, the door would fully open immediately.

I found this feature to be ideal. If the car was parked on a busy street, as a safety measure, it wouldn't open fully open the door when approaching from the front (until one had walked by the door). But if approaching from the rear it would open and allow you to grab the door if there was traffic.

These days, the door will only fully open when approaching from the rear. When approaching from the front the door will only open a few inches and not continue to fully open once one is behind the door. I have tested this many times.

I find this to be annoying. What is the use of an auto-open door that one has to grab and pull the rest of the way open?

Is there something wrong with my MX or is this the way it should be? Thanks for any replies.


  • @iamone_98400372 I typically approach my 2020 X from front or side and it opens about 6 inches since it senses me as the object in its path. I approached from the back to see how it opened and it opened almost fully, it did have more to open but it was not needed for me to enter. I hope this helps.
  • mycar wont open driverside auto so I want to know how to set up
  • Walk from the front past the driver door, then face the door, and it should open fully. It uses the falcon wing sensors to detect obstacles, so if there is anything obstructing the FWD, that may be an issue.
  • Check to see if they changed the door mechanism. I just had mine changed from the original one (2016). The new version that I got now opens much less than the prior version. I find this version safer than the previous and also more reliable.
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