Model 3

Any chance that Tesla starts to sell Autopilot functions a la carte?

I am enjoying a three month trial of full Autopilot. While I'm not preparing to spring for 10K after the trial and would be happy to buy the Summon function "a la carte" as my parking slab at my home is very narrow. Are you listening Tesla? :-)


  • I'm assuming you mean 3 months of full self driving. And therefore just bought your 2021 car. Congrats! Enjoy.

    The consensus is that no Tesla won't be selling features a la carte. However, they have announced that they will be introducing a subscription to FSD in the near future.

    And just for your purposes of understanding the vernacular of Tesla:

    Fsd is full self driving. It's the complete package that you have a 3 month trial to now.

    AP is autopilot. This is basically an advanced lane keep assist. Presumably it is what you'll revert back to once your trial ends. (It's what I have and I'm plenty satisfied with it.)

    EAP is enhanced autopilot that have more than basic autopilot but not the full FSD.
  • Selling FSD features a la carte would be more trouble than it’s worth for Tesla. Lots of extra processing for little gain.
  • I have EAP and love it. I basically get everything in FSD except navigate on surface (non-highway) streets. It's not exactly a la carte, but cheaper than FSD and gets you all the summons plus park assist and navigate on AP on the highway.

    I can't see if they're still offering it as an upgrade since I already have it, but I'd check in your account to see if it's currently offered for purchase. I think in October it was 4K. Which is still way more expensive than putting down pavers to widen the parking slab... Assuming they're not made of gold.
  • Matterpro - they're not selling EAP at the moment. At least not to me.
  • I bought EAP for 5k back in '18 and love it. FSD on City streets? I'm still unsure about because I still love driving the 3 around. On highways love the NoA for the relaxing comfort
  • @Aahhgg_Airplanes bummer. I know it's ephemerally offered, hopefully again before FSD goes subscription.
  • Tesla is full of surprises so there is always a chance they might offer Autopilot functions a la carte, but you can bet they will be priced to encourage you to buy the whole suite.
  • If Tesla ever achieves true hands free self driving then they might unbundle some of the lesser features such as Smart Summon. The problem for now is that FSD in it's current state has very little value, certainly no where near $10,000 worth. By bundling a set of features that sort of work together they create some present value to supplement the promise of future full self driving.
  • If you think it is expensive now...just soon as city driving is automated the cost will double or more IMO...
  • EAP was only offered for a brief period in September. Maybe they'll offer it again near the end of another quarter, but you can't count on it.

    FSD is supposed to be offered on a subscription basis in the near future, so you can try it then.
  • I have that trial as well and wondered same thing. I find one or two features useful, but nowhere near $10k of value or entertainment.

    Actually really glad I got the free trial as I will be at peace with not having the FSD package. Confident that was not Tesla’s intent with the trial offer
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