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unable to playback sentry when it shows I have sentry alert

I have a brand new Model 3, bought 12.9.20. Al working great until I downloaded the most recent update, mid January. Ever since I cant seem to check my sentry dashcam footage. It tells me there is an alert, and there is no where to look at it. Before now, it was simple to tap on the mini camera icon next to the red dot (left hand side of screen). But thats nowhere to be seen. Ive rebooted the car, but that hasn't helped. Anyone had the same issues? Any help greatly appreciated.


  • It indicates the dashcam is no longer recording. It could be the USB drive was removed or has died. You can try formatting it if connected and it may restore the dashcam operation. Sentry mode works without the dashcam, but of course, it will not record events. If you have a music USB drive as well, you must remove it to format the dashcam drive.
  • Sentry Mode has been suffering under the last few bug fixes (aka "updates"). After one recent bug fix Sentry Mode was taking pictures of heat air distortions. Next update it won't take a picture of someone trying your door handles.

    Current bug fix 48.30, Sentry Mode records nothing except my getting in car in the AM.

    Also Dash Cam recording no longer seems to work. You can take a snapshot but there is no longer the continuous 1 hour recording at least none that the "Viewer" sees.

    No help to offer, just hope that next bug fix restores Sentry Mode and Dash Cam.
  • I had this issue after the update. Remove the glovebox usb stick and put it back in. This fixed it for me. I found this tip on another thread from a year ago.
  • When you get a sentry mode event notification on your screen, tap that notification and its supposed to automatically open the Sentry mode viewer, and take you directly to the respective sentry mode footage a few seconds before the event.
    If it doesn’t, try the reboot, if that doesn’t work try reformatting your thumb drive (you can do that directly from your screen as well), and if none of that works request service via your app.
  • I think TeslaTap’s initial response is the correct one.
  • > @EVRider said:
    > I think TeslaTap’s initial response is the correct one.


    If Sentry is on and the USB stick is missing or broken you will still get sentry alert counts on the screen but there will be no recordings to view and the viewer will not open when you touch the screen.
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