PIN to start car

Anyone using the PIN feature to start the car. I’m tempted to try it but wondering if anyone had had issues. Be good way to prevent theft...


  • Yes it’s kind of a pain to do that step but it works without issue, I can enable and disable it anytime I want so can’t complain about it it’s my choice to have it enabled
  • What about if there's an MCU issue? Without the PIN, the vehicle will still drive without the MCU... but if that MCU doesn't turn on, the vehicle can't be driven. Just thinking out loud...
  • You can disable the PIN from the mobile app if necessary.
  • When "PIN to Drive" came out, I tired it for about a day and gave up. By that point I was too used to just getting in and driving away. That is one of the little perks of having no keys or "Push to Start" button.
    With that said, depending on where one lives, I can see where it might bring some comfort.
  • Yeah thank you all. The more I read these, the less I will do it. This MCU failure and anything else that may fail and not let me drive bare me tail is not worth it. Being a security guy i love the idea of PIN, but would need to know the cons
  • With so many cameras why can’t one use facial recognition like my iPhone to drive the car?
  • Oh bog.
  • > @TenaciousT said:
    > With so many cameras why can’t one use facial recognition like my iPhone to drive the car?

    No camera inside the Model S or X as of yet.
  • I added a PIN just after reading a recent post of a stolen Model S that could not be tracked. Not sure if I'll keep it. It's not a huge hassle to type it in, but it's definitely nice to just get in and drive.
  • @Tenacious,
    Please bite your tongue sir. I have no interest in any camera in my car that can observe me at any time for facial recognition.
    I'd hate to not be willing to buy a future Tesla just because of such a stupid feature.
  • How are to have sex in our self driving cars?

    @E&N 😝
  • Use the condom wrapper to cover the camera.
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