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Homelink For Gate

Can someone help me with this? We have a gate that opens and shuts with a remote that looks just like a garage door opener. We have the openers in our work vehicles but not our personal vehicles. I tried setting up Homelink through my model 3 but can't seem to get it to work. There is no red button to press at gate to put it in sync mode. I tried the remote in front of the bumper and the lights don't flash but when I get back in the car it says it was programmed but it doesn't work. Other employees have set it up in their cars so I know it works.


  • It's probably a compatibility issue. Go here and click on gate openers.
  • Try replacing the batteries in your gate remote and then linking it with the car again. It can take several attempts even with good batteries.
  • Replace the batteries in the remote and make sure you hold the remote almost touching the front bumper while trying to program the car.
  • In my experience gates openers are very difficult to connect with homelink then garage openers. I have yet to two Liftmaster gates to my car.
  • I have the Liftmaster 850LM to control the gate at my home. Didn't have any problem setting up.
  • > @stacok_98279004 said:
    > In my experience gates openers are very difficult to connect with homelink then garage openers. I have yet to two Liftmaster gates to my car.

    I had no problem with a Liftmaster LA412UL gate opener.
  • Thanks I'll give these a try.
  • And, just as a minor warning: The antenna that the car uses to connect with the outside openers is on the passenger side front bumper. The homelink at our place works fine, but it took a couple of tries, and required that the transponder, as part of the learning process, be pretty blame close to that antenna. The built-in procedure in the Tesla does mention the location, so pay attention to that, no offense.
  • Ok thanks, it a gate to the back of our police department so I'm sure it's not going to be easy.
  • You stated that other employees have set it up - are they in Teslas?

    If there's no "red sync button" on the gate opener circuit board then it's likely an older system with 9 or 12 code switches on it. My bet is you'll need to keep trying it until you get the lights to flash, indicating that the Homelink copied the code.

    Some discussion about the same topic over on another forum:,remotes%20do%20work%20with%20Homelink.
  • No they drive scrub cars ;). I think it's over 15 years old and I'm not opening it.
  • I had no trouble setting up my homelink and I simply stood in front of my car, but I'm reading that the antenna is near the passenger side headlight so it might be better to get the remote closer to that area when you try to program.
  • I placed it on right side bumper and lights flashed. It seemed to set it up but again did not open gate as I was leaving. Unfortunately when you get close enough inside the gate to leave it opens up anyway so I’ll have to try on the way in tomorrow morning.
  • Didn't work, guess I'll just keep trying.
  • So as you pull up to the gate you touch the Homelink symbol on the screen to open the list of paired openers? Is the work gate showing there?
  • It actually does it itself and even chimes but doesn't open. I then try it by pressing the homelink and work gate, get the lines as if it's going to connect but nothing.
  • Maybe your gate opener has a learn button that you don’t know about. Did you ever use HomeLink to open the gate in a different vehicle?
  • It's a big giant box named HY Security. It's locked and public works says there's no learning button. Another employee has a Toyota pickup and he has it connected to his.
  • How far from the gate are you when you try to open it?
  • Pulling up to it then Right next to it.
  • How many HomeLink devices do you have programmed in the car?

    Any chance you used the wrong remote when programming the gate HomeLink? Try using the gate HomeLink to open your garage.
  • I had a similar problem tried 3 remotes I inherited when I bought the home. In the end I had to use a training remote from my HOA.
  • No I removed the third Homelink and added work. The remote is in my patrol car so I physically had to get it out of there and bring it to my Tesla. I don't use my personal remote it's in the glovebox. My Homelink at home works flawlessly.
  • Try replacing the batteries in the gate remote and then reprogramming the car. Unless there’s something about the position of your car’s HomeLink module relative to the gate opener, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.
  • Saying this carefully: There was an incident a few months back where a new user was having severe trouble getting his garage door opener and Homelink to play well with each other. My understanding is that Homelink is a package, bought by Tesla and integrated into the car. This particular user had a garage door opener from a particular vendor whose primary customers weren't end users. Rather, the customers were _installers_ of garage door openers.
    In any case, once the user here finally got the name and part number of the garage door opener installed in his garage, that info was carried over to Homelink; and then (and this is where my memory is fuzzy) there were Issues whether Homelink was even compatible with that particular garage door opener. I don't remember if the guy had to give up, or if there was one of those procedures one had to do (click heels three times, wish on a star, etc.) to get it all to rights.
    To the OP: You mentioned the "name" of the gate, but from the sounds of that name, it sounds like that's the name of the company that _installed_ the gate, not necessarily the name of the company that built the computer/radio receiver that runs the system.
    I just looked. Homelink is at and, right on the front page, there's a "Compatibility" item. Suggest you take a look through there and see if there's help to be had?
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