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VIN Number switch

When I purchased my car I was assigned a 93XXX VIN number. When I took delivery, the car they gave me was a 94XXX VIN. While I was waiting to take delivery another customer returned to the delivery center as he thought they gave him the wrong car. He had taken delivery 4 hours earlier and then noticed he was give an 84XXX VIN and his initial order paperwork showed he was supposed to get a 92XXX VIN.
Anyone else get a different VIN from what was shown on their order?


  • Tesla can't change your VIN, since you possibly have financing and INSURANCE linked to a specific VIN. Tesla has to allow you time to update your (possible) loan, your insurance, and your state registration, as well.

    For sure, Tesla can't do that in Texas, as we've all had to prepay, and provide insurance proof, prior to even seeing the car.
  • I would accept a switch to a higher number vin but never to a lower number.
  • Tesla just switched my VIN a day after I made the full payment. Switched from 104,5XX to 105,6XX. This happened two days ago for my Model Y RWD that is being delivered today. I am hoping I am not now assigned a VIN for a vehicle that a buyer rejected a few days ago.
  • I am in CA where you do not need proof insurance for the Tesla when accepting delivery.
  • RES IPSA: You should be able to figure that out. My car at delivery had 4 miles on it. Tesla printed 15 miles into the sales contract, which I assume is an automatic entry. Anything more than that, I would start asking questions.

    As for it being rejected for QC issues, you should be able to determine that very quickly. Good luck!
  • Delivery was flawless yesterday in Carlsbad, CA. The car was in great shape except for the misaligned hood which was quickly adjusted and fixed on the spot (delivery center is right next to a service center). Paint looked perfect and panel gaps are decent and uniform.

    The MY was built 1/10/2021 and it was delivered 1/15/2021. The car had a strong new car smell.
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