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Alaska Drivers

I know we are a small group, but hopefully we can become mighty. I don't have a Tesla yet, but am on the list for the Cybertruck. I am getting a little obsessed.
I think we need to see if we can make an Akaskan/Canadian regional group. We can give a lot of feedback about how well the Tesla's work this far up north.
I have seen Teslas driving around town in the valley and in Anchorage. I hope to get in touch with the Alaskan contingent and see if we can apply some marketing pressure to venues at various way points for trying to get some Superchargers.
One place I think we really need one is at the Y on the parks highway. I was thinking about Chubby's or Tesoro. Its on the way to Fairbanks, Just out of willow. Its 95 miles out of Anchorage, and 270 miles out of Fairbanks.
I live in Anchorage, and hope to make some contacts with other Tesla owners.
Hope to hear from you!!

Tesla Nerd,


  • Greetings from SoCal! Over on Model 3 forum we have a user named coleAK who is a good source of local information. You may want to get in touch with him.
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