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  • You can send an email to supercharger for suggested locations. Tesla does not generally look at the forum posts.
  • > @"" said:
    > @tantien - Generally no. Superchargers 99.9% of Superchargers are owned and built by Tesla. There are many L2 charge points and Tesla destination chargers. All these appear on the in-car map. You can buy a CHAdeMO adapter and get up to 50 kW charging, but many CHAdeMO offers less than 50 kW connections.
    > I'm aware of two private Supercharger locations - one in Lanai, Hawaii, and one in the middle east. These were privately paid for, but the equipment and installation were bought from Tesla. I don't think they allow other Tesla users to use those stations, but I doubt you would need either of those locations.

    Is there a ferry to Lanai? If so, how many Teslas could fit on the ferry I wonder?
  • There is a daily boat (at least when I last went a few years ago) to Lanai from Maui. I think cars need to be shipped over to the island separately - so not something for a day trip. Likely expensive too. We rented a car on the island, and it was about 4 times the Maui rates. A very limited audience!
  • Just learned that squirrels ate the wiring on my Toyota Highlander in Incline Village, Nevada at 7,000 feet, knocking out the fan and heater when it's zero degrees. Worried about the new Tesla Model X P100D parked next door. My impression is that the Tesla is fairly sealed up to keep the water away from the electricals . They can eat the Toyota all they want but not the Tesla. We also have a lot of 600 pound black bears here so I don't want to attack them while scaring off the small critters. Any ideas?
  • If parked outside, peppermint oil and a drop cord with ultrasonic repellers plugged in near the wheel wells.

    A well sealed garage is best of course, sounds like you don't have this option.
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  • Speak up
  • Elon's words today...

    How strange...well, back to work...
  • Speak up
  • > @"Tesla Ownership" said:
    > Tesla’s forum provides an online meeting space for owners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas that are entertaining, helpful and useful. We encourage you to participate and only ask that you be respectful of others. Don’t post messages that are obscene, vulgar, hateful, sexual in nature, infringe on the proprietary rights of others, or impersonate or misrepresent yourself or other individuals, including Tesla employees. Only post material which you own or for which you have received a copyright license. Whatever you post, we reserve the right to copy and use. We also reserve the right to edit or delete your post as well as suspend your account.
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  • Summary of Attempted purchase the Model S.

    Early November I placed the $100 down payment for the model S.

    I called Tier electric on the website and spoke to someone twice and left two additional messages. No one called back to discuss installation.

    I did call and arrange with another electrician.

    The Tesla Salesman informed me that I needed to schedule an apt prior to pick up.

    As my car was scheduled for delivery in Tampa ( I live in Naples ), I was instructed to choose a date for pickup. Only two days were given, December 16 or 17.

    I rearranged my schedule so I could go to Tampa on the 17th. This was in exchange for me working Christmas Day.

    I found someone to take me for $150 at 300 on the 17th.

    I paid for the car in full via wire transfer on the 15th.

    I received a call from Tampa on the 16th to confirm pickup on the 17th at 600 pm. I called back and left message that I would be there.

    As I checked my account for the address on the 17th, I noticed that the date was changed to the 18th at 900 am ! I had received no call, text or e-mail.

    I called Tampa to see what happened and the agent said that she did not know but that the car would be ready for the 18th at 900am.

    I arranged for a hotel in Tampa to stay overnight on the 17th.

    I then called to speak to a manager to determine why I was not called and to confirm pickup for the 18th.

    Gustavo looked into the issue and said that the car had not passed inspection and would not be ready until the following week !

    Having already paid my driver and now made reservation at a hotel, along with rescheduling work, my frustration mounted.

    Gustavo said he would e-mail me and he did not.

    I came in to the Testa store in Naples on the 18th and spoke with the manager. He was receptive and said he would look into the situation.

    He offered a driver to pick up the car in Tampa and bring it to Naples on the 19th.

    I was out more than three hundred dollars and worked Christmas Day, I asked for Tesla to provide the wall mount ( you sell for $500 ) and was told that Tesla does not do that. Nor would they reimburse me for the money I put out. I requested a refund.

    I was told that I would receive my refund within 2 - 4 weeks.

    Having not received my refund, I went to the store on 15-January-2021. The assistant manager informed me that the paperwork was not filed. I was terribly upset. He said it would be "rushed" to my address. It is now almost 6 ( six ) weeks since I paid Tesla in FULL and have not received my refund.

    Customer service means a lot to me when dealing with a company. If they treat me like this at the beginning of the deal, imagine how they will treat me when I need them!

    This company motto is, "Incompetence is a pre-requisite. If you don't have this quality, we will teach it."

    Picking up a new vehicle should be a joy. There has been no joy in this entire process.
  • @MarkfromNaples Because of some of your comments in your post, I am itching to say some things but I will not. I will simply say that delivery should never have been scheduled in Tampa and you should have ensured it was set for Naples. There shouldn't have been any issue with that.
  • I had a 2014 Model S and used a CHAdeMO charger with it on occasion. I just purchased a 2021 Model S. Is the "old" CHAdeMO adapter still compatible with the new 2021? I see they are still sold on the TesIa site. I also saw something about firmware updates that needed to be performed at a Tesla Service Center. Should this be done before using the adapter?
  • @MarkfromNaples

    At minimum Tesla requires a 20% down payment which means that you would have had to put at least $13,884 down for a base Model S, NOT merely "$100".

    While I do appreciate your creativity, commitment to the effort, imagination and even your, though considerably marginal, attention to details I am, nonetheless, left to conclude that, based on the facts of the matter, you are full of sh!t.
  • Can I hand wash my new model x with a foam gun and a boars hair car brush?
    Thanks for any comments!
  • You should be fine. There is nothing unique about Tesla's paint - it's the same as used by many other premium automakers. Not sure what a boar's hair car brush is, but it sounds soft, so should be ok as well. I do prefer to hand wash my car, as some carwashes can grind sand/rocks from prior cars into scratching your paint. I would trust a touchless system but we don't have any nearby.
  • > @Tobyshanna said:
    > Can I hand wash my new model x with a foam gun and a boars hair car brush?
    > Thanks for any comments!

    The brush is best for wheels and nooks and crannies like around seams and emblems.

    Microfiber towels or wash mitts for the rest. Top to bottom, one towel per quarter, and one towel per wheel.

    If the car is clean, try CA car duster, rinse, and detailing spray with microfiber towels.

    Only washed my MS 3 times last year. I do like the foam cannon. Keep the car dusted and covered in garage, detailed about one a month.

    Can't go too far wrong with meguiars, mother's, or Griot's products.
  • I am having trouble commissioning my wall connector. I was able to log on the first time and then afterwards, I would be disconnected. When I tried logging on again, it is saying invalid password. Anyone know any suggestions?
  • @VinhyModelY - I've not seen that problem. If you have another phone, you might try it. Perhaps some app on the phone is interfering in the process. Also, I assume you're using the password from the rear of the HPWC? It's a pain if you didn't jot it down before mounting it.
  • the password should also be on a sticker attached to the setup manual. take a picture on your phone so you don't have to look for the manual is a pain
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