Model S

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Hello dear Tesla community,

I wanted to ask you if you ever had this problem that your roof did not close?

I was told at the Tesla garage that it costs at least 1000 euros just for diagnostics without repairs.

In this Video ill Show you my prob.


  • It had happened with my sunroof. Did you try opening the roof completely and then try to close it?
  • While I've never worked on the sunroof, check the tracks for debris. Perhaps something is clogging the track like a small pebble. If it's not moving at all front/back, it could be jammed or the sunroof motor has failed.
  • 1,000 Eur for diagnostic is ridiculous - shouldn’t be more than an hour or two labour and that’s if they disassemble it as part of the test. I’d try to get more clarity on what they are going to do.
    Also have they done a remote log check to see If a specific error is being thrown?
    Assume you’ve rebooted to see if it does anything?
    Are you able so see if there is a mechanical issue eg. Something damaged / stuck on the track or is the motor simply not engaging (can’t tell from the video)
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