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Electric noise and reduced power

Hi, my 2014 P85 have started to behave strange when I drive. I first hear an electric/sparking noise, then the power is momentary redused before returning to normal. This happens on all states of battery charge, and on both cold and warm batteries. The frequency of the issu is varies from 2-10 minutes during the whole drive. First noticed the problem around September/October but the problem seems to escalate. Have any one else had the same issu? Any one know if there's a fix for this?
Have talked to my local service but they don't have any solution.. JT


  • Has your local service done anything to diagnose the issue? Sounds like they should.
  • this doesnt sound good...make sure you get it checked out. last thing you want is this thing to catch fire or leave you stranded on road. sparking noises are never good. keep us posted here what you find.
  • That's weird. An electric/sparking noise?? It COULD burn down then. Get it serviced.
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