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Model X order frustration and now moved to 2022 for the 'all-new Model X'

Another victim of the refresh here! I live in the UK and ordered a MX in November 2020 and the delivery estimate was for March 2021 this fitted in with my work and other plans perfectly. A few days later I noticed a price rise I noticed but my car didn't change in price so all good so far. At the end of December 2020, I received a test to say I had been allocated a stock car and where and when to pick it up just like that. I was in Hospital (and couldn't drive) at the time so called Tesla and they said just ignore the message it's automatically sent out. I sent an email to Tesla asking what was going on as on my profile it was showing a car's VIN against my account, they said this was just a system record for the stock car they had and the car had gone to someone else.

So all was well waiting excitedly for the March 2021 delivery. Then I received a 'Tesla Update' text last week telling as follows: We'd like to extend you the opportunity to update your order to the all new Model X and honour your existing Full Self-Driving price if originally configured. It you upgrade by February 28, 2021, you'll receive £2,000 off the new purchase price and be one of the first to receive the all-new Model X. Tesla Advisor will proactively reach out in the coming days."

So I'm a little bit frustrated and upset with the was my order I made in good faith has been handled and effectively substituted with a refreshed model for a lot more money. Did Tesla know about the refresh and that they were taking orders in for the MS and MX when they knew they were due to be replaced at a higher cost. From reading other threads I can see that I'm not alone which is somewhat something. Note that I ordered the MX before I had heard about any price increases, production line shutdown or model refreshes. I also debate the description of the 2021 refreshed Model X being all-new. It looks identical to me on the outside bar new front end with a new interior and wonder if this terminology is a way of getting out of honouring my order I placed in good faith back in November 2020. My aim was to get a new MX. So now I'm going to have to pay more money and wait for getting on for 2 years to get the car.


  • Sorry about your frustration. There is a lot changed on the new S/X. Here's a writeup of all the changes between the last and current release for the Model S, although almost everything applies to the X:
  • I have a lawyer and am suing.
  • > @Nipper1023 said:
    > I have a lawyer and am suing.

    Are you serious?
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