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Waiting for an solar inspection for over 12 days in Santa Clara County

Does anyone know how long these solar inspections are typically taking to get done in Santa Clara County? The panels are installed and I've been waiting for over 12 days with no word on when the inspection will take place.


  • Are you in the county outside a city or in one of the many cities in Santa Clara County? Mine was inspected within 24 hours, but my city (in Santa Clara County) has always been fast with inspections.

    I'd confirm that your building department inspections are backed up, but perhaps it fell through the cracks and/or the building department is slowed due to COVID.
  • Did you have your panels re-arrange during the installation? I had my panels moved around during the installation day. After the installed, they had to re-submit the permit to the city and get approve again before PGE to come out for final inspection. After PGE comes out, it takes another 10-14 days before you get PTO (Permission To Operate).
  • According to the Santa Clara building department, the permit was not filed until yesterday. Until I asked for a permit number, I was assured that the permit had already been submitted.
  • Turns out the delay appears to be on the Santa Clara government side. The permit was submitted on 2/9 and then sat there until started asking about it. Always a good idea to get the permit number for your solar installation.
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