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Anyone know of a reasonable way to plan a long trip? I am considering driving from NY to Seattle, down to San Diego, and then across the lower end and then back north. Probably about 12,000 miles. I am using Roadtrippers, but it doesn't have an option for Superchargers or Destination chargers. So the supercharger thing has to be planned out in a very micro way. Wondering if anyone has done this and has any tips. thanks, MJ [email protected]


  • Ask bighorn
    He is probably the one with 5e most roadtripping experience in NA
  • True fact
  • Unless you are wanting to squeeze every unique Supercharger on your route based on how much time you have, just get in the car and drive.
  • As @NKYTA says. Just drive. You enter your destination in the NAV and do what the car says and you'll get to your destination.
    If you want to optimize your time (like some of us geeks tend to do), then you can put as much work into it as you like.
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