My ideas to a Golden Arches-like T and "the parking energy generating car"

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Hi everyone!

As an inventor and Tesla share holder I want to share my thoughts on two topics with you.


How to come up with an icon like the famous "Golden Arches" of "Mr. Burger" for the super chargers and generate power in addition to the solar panels?

My Answer:
The T in combination with Wind power on a pole: The head of the T is roof like and serves as a sunscreen to avoid the sickening on/off shades of the prop blades. The rest of the T is a weather fane. I made a graphic but don´t know how to show it here.


How to generate energy with a parked car? That is a tricky one due to the limited space.

My idea:
Maybe we can use some of the (rear and front) trunk space to fold up (up to four) small wind turbines automatically from otherwise hidden slots that do the job? I am thinking of a fan within a ring without axis to reach the stability we need.

They could rotate with the wind and be customized with LEDs like the fans in the PC.

I would love to here your comments!

Manuel Matej


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    Non-solution to a non-problem.
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    Just made me thing of this song by Dire Straits: Money for nothing. But then again I am starving and all this McDonalds talk made me think of how good their fries were when they used tallow and how they suffer so cooked in health oil. However, the oil could be used to power generators to recharge Teslas.

    Simply put the chargers out back and run a pipe from the cooker to the generator. In fact, your meal would in part recharge your car. Talk about symbiotic circular recycling. That's copyrighted. And delicious.

    The leds could be cool though...
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    I'm thinking that the amount of wind energy you could capture while the car is parked in typical scenarios would be pretty minimal, or nothing in the case of when you park inside some kind of garage, which is probably the vast majority of parking people do,
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