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Refund on the deposit fo 45K?

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Has anyone tried to get their deposit back for the signature x?
I am thinking about canceling my order b/c
1:In the state of NJ, they are trying to get rid of Tesla dealerships
2:My friend has the performance S car and he's been taking a huge hit on replacing flats due to the pot holes. Tesla has been doing nothing about possibly offering a Tire insurance program. My friend went through 5 tires in the past 2 months. The cost for one tire is outrageous and an inconvenience to replace.
3: Nervous that X model will be their very first SUV...there could be issues that Tesla may or may not address so easily.


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    New wheel and tire designs appear to have increased the problems with pothole flats. But this is going to affect all new cars. My Caddy has exactly the same wheels and tires as my model s. Perhaps Christie could do more for the citizens of NJ by making roads easier to drive on than harder to drive on.

    The model s was Tesla's first sedan and they did pretty well on it. There have been problems but they have been proactive in resolving them. I expect the same with the X.
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    1) What does a political move in New Jersey have to do with your own purchase? Tesla should still be able to have Service Centers if not middle man "dealers".
    2) Advice I've heard is to get the 19 inch option. Much less wear on the tires and at much lower cost for replacements. Since there are no specs for the Model X, it is hard to say if this is an option at the moment.
    3) It's wise to be nervous about the first new SUV.

    If you are that worried, move your reservation to a Model S. Otherwise, you are at the front of a line of folks who are clamoring for the next best thing to come from Tesla.
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    1. It is not the end of the world with a strictest law in the nation to ban Tesla from selling its cars.

    It's fine to have repair shops (Tesla Service Centers) in all states, so maintenance and repairing is not a problem.

    Banning Tesla dealerships does not stop you from getting it. It's only harder, not easier, but you can still legally get it fine with an extra step.

    Look at Texas that has the strictest law in the nation banning Tesla from selling cars in its state; but as you see, Texans have been able to buy Tesla cars just fine!

    Texans can't buy Tesla cars from Tesla stores but they can certainly surf the web and buy them virtually.

    They can't pick their cars up at a Tesla shop but them cars are delivered to their homes by a shipping company.

    Anti-Tesla law does not affect Tesla's sales at current because there are more demand than production.

    However, anti-Tesla law would slow down Tesla's growth and the ease of buying especially when you'll have so much more productions and you have to advertise to get enough demands in future.

    2) Pot holes affect all cars, not just Tesla's. Talk to a tire repair shop and you'll see the victims are mostly ICE, not EVs.

    Pot holes is another touchy subject. One side does not want to pay for road repair for someone else to drive for free. Thus, roads should be privatize. The other side wants the roads to be public and all should pay for it. Thus whoever controls the budget can prove that they are right.

    However, if you are concerned about tire damage, you can buy tire insurance from tire stores.

    3) Issues with new Model X?

    If you think well established ICE don't have issues, then good luck!

    BMW owner got punched when he brought in his car demanding repeated repairs:

    <img src= "; width="640"/>

    While another owner punched his $160,000 car instead due to repeated repairs:

    <img src= "; width="640"/>
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    If you want you deposit back call their home office and it can be returned. Realize if you change your mind you will go to the end of the line. They are up to over 10K reservations now for the sig and production Xs so your wait will be quite long if you 'reapply' or drop back to production.

    I have 21" wheels and it is my daily driver through some nasty pot holed filled streets in Wilmington, DE and I have had no issues to date. (Hope I did not jinx myself). I have close to 12K miles in about 10 months.
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    Simple fix. Put on 19 inch rims. You can order a S with 19 inch rims.

    You don't need a dealership to buy or own a Tesla. We have a similar law in Arizona and I bought two Models S's last year. No big deal. They come with a California title and you register them in your state the same as if you moved to your state from any of the other 49 states.

    I have never set foot in the Arizona boutique store and I own two cars. Dealerships are completely unnecessary in The world of Tesla. So easy to buy one a child can do it. Not at all like the hours long torture to buy from a car dealer. You design the car you want online and like they say at Burger King you can have it your way. I will never buy a car from a dealer ever again. Tesla makes in painless.
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    My husband has a BMW with no flat tires on it. Let's say we have replaced 6 rims & tires to match. If he paid any attention to the pot holes we may have avoided one bad set?
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    You should have asked this question when put the deposit. I agree with everybody else the reasons you quote are silly. You will have ample time after you test drive the car to cancel your deposit with only $50 processing fee as far as I know.
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    Tesla has always been clear that the deposit is fully refundable. If you want it refunded, just ask them.
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    When I put the deposit for my Sig X they were absolutely clear it was a no questions asked refund. I think you should be OK, I am worried about the tire issue. I generally like bigger tires, but suppose I will be fine with 19 in. Florida, especially near Miami where I live is notorious for debris on the road, potholes and other flat tire causes which is why I prefer run flat tires. Either way still looking forward to the X when it comes out hopefully by Christmas for me! Bonnie I know you have #2 for Sigs, have you heard anything about your delivery date? Generally how soon before delivery do you start to configure? Thanks.
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    Some insurance company sells wheels and tires insurance. If you purchase tires from tire rack, they have this program:
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