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Improvements or suggestions

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A forum about improvements or suggestions that Tesla Motors could use to make their business even better.


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    StoreDot; super-fast charging. Although this is not a question, it is a suggestion. StoreDot ( uses bio-organic nanotechnology that can charge batteries much faster than anything before and 80% more efficient, I suggest that Tesla Motors use the same technology in its vehicles. Sincerely, Kaden. (Below: YouTube video of the battery at work, charges phone in 30 seconds!)

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    I've seen a couple of articles about that fast charging battery technology. I think it is going to be hard to scale that up from the amounts of energy in a phone battery to the amount in a car battery. In other words, it's not too hard to run the total amount of energy of a phone battery through a cable that's an eighth of an inch thick in under a minute. For 50-70 kwh of electricity that would be needed to refill a Tesla battery, you would need a cable as thick as your leg to carry that much power in a short amount of time. With the 400-ish volts and 300+ amps that they can send through the Supercharger cables, they probably won't want to push it much higher than that. Also, they are somewhat limited to what they can get from an electrical utility feed without having to put in battery storage at the Supercharger locations for much higher bursts. It's cost effective to not have to do that. So there is possibly some room for a little more improvement in charging time, but not too much. Development is really going to need to be more about battery storage capacity versus its weight.
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    Add teleporting to the owners capabilities, one battery charge would get one to anywhere on the planet. If the battery needs recharging teleport back, or recharge there (if available).

    Teleportation is real today, just read Dr. Eric Davis Teleportation Report August 2004 for the U.S. Air Force. He states teleporting is real, just requires paranormal procedures to accomplish it. I believe it is real also, however, we can perform it with current technology (slightly modified). I do have a couple of Powerpoint videos explaining the project and its objectives.
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    Hello, I'm no scientist or vehicle mechanical specialist. I'm merely a tesla stock owner that is fascinated with this company. I don't own a tesla vehicle yet, but I'm in a pretty isolated area with little access to a fueling station of tesla's type. I was wondering, and this came to me in meditation, if you are or were considering using solar power for your in dash lighting, radio, or smaller power required systems on your vehicles. Or, if you could harvest that power, sort of like my garden LED lights, which soak in the suns power in the day, sense the loss of energy and utilizes the the harvested energy enough to power the lights. Maybe, such harvesting could get the vehicle to a near charging station or closer to home, whichever is closer of course. I don't know, just a suggestion.
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    oled screen that can wrap around dash to passenger side.
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    even with the supercharger, charging is done at a rate of about 1.2C which is not so fast. max charge from your house is in 4 hours so C/4 which is slow. so i would not worry about charge rates at this point.
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    It always works out that adding a tiny amount more charge capacity is far cheaper, more efficient, and more versatile. On-car solar is a gimmick for the gullible.
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    I use valet parking often. I'm hesitent to turn my tesla over to a valet because it's such a hot car. I used to own a 1984 Corvette that had a valet mode which limited the amount of power. Looks like this could be accomplished with a software change.
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    Only been suggested 10^10 times ...
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    night vision and/or IR camera with dash display.

    Bring Tesla cars sensing and driver assistance systems to match or surpass other cars already on road. Thats collision avoidance, lane alerts, blind spot alert etc.

    Auto parking as a step towards their autopilot systems
  • I recently got an e-mail from Tesla, announcing the 1/15/15 event at the Tesla state capitol. In the email was a link to a Google Map Lat/Long location of where the event was being held. I opened the mail in the Model S web application and clicked on the map link. Sure would have been nice if I could have transferred that location into the onboard navigation program but I couldn't figure out how without typing in the lat/long. Can this be done? If not, maybe it should be.
  • make that "Texas State Capitol"
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    The new trip planner in the car is excellent. Could you put the same app on my iphone, ipad or on the web so I don't have to use the car to plan a trip then come into the house to book my stay at the destination partner? Or you could buy the EV Trip planner and add the destination partners in:
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    Maybe when the music is on, and a person within ms speaks, the music turnes down, And i second the "Auto Park Feature.
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    Is it my correct understanding that using the exterior of the car as a solar cell would not adequately charge the battery over time? Nothing but a gimmick seems the attitude. Is it correct. Seems a parking lot full of solar cells the size of cars plugged into the system would be a win win win.
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    Yes, adding solar panels with all the proper equipment to convert it to electricity and put it in the battery would be way too expensive for close to no power return. It's like trying to fill up a swimming pool with eye droppers.

    Also, the weight of the equipment would raise the top-heaviness and reduce the low-gravity weight of the car, therefore drastically increasing rollover risk.
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    Autopark at a Tesla supercharger would be a nice feature.
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    Dealership and service centers

    Living in Michigan and owning a Model S purchased from Ohio, I was wondering if anyone has reached out to any Indian tribe to set up a service center or dealership? Federally recognized tribes possess both the right and the authority to regulate activities on their lands independently from state government control. They can enact and enforce stricter or more lenient laws and regulations than those of the surrounding or neighboring state(s) wherein they are located. There are 326 reservation across the US.
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    If the car is parked at "home" almost every night, it would be cool if the car could send you an email or text if it had been sitting at "home" for an hour without being plugged in. Or at least have an option to have the car do this.
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    Tesla Model 3 wishlist 1. Wipers hidden from sun and winter, behind a top part of the hood that closer to windshield,with winter warmers, as a part of the winter package
    2. Windshield HUD.
    3. Steering wheel modes,i love tighter mode,it's best.
    4.Two screens dashboard,just like the style on Models S and X.
    5.Blueish/White headlights,but more blueish. 6.Same style door handles as on Model S,with warmers for winter, in winter package. 7.Upper and lower body driver seat side supports,hate on sliding all over the place on some cars while driving.
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    First it would be nice to have the Model S to have and exit feature that when you put it in park the car seat goes back, steering wheel goes in and up to make exiting easier. I know you can create a profile like that but that is an extra step. Also, an important recommendation. When you are in standard regen model and you let your foot off of the accelerator the brake light should light up so that people behind you know that you are slowing down.
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    Your important recommendation regarding regen has been the case for over 4 years now.
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    I'd love the ability to set a schedule or be able to trigger a snow melt mode. The mode should raise the internal temperature, activate defrosters and wipers to clean the car of snow while parked outside.
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    There needs to be two levels of brake lights.
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