What battery stats to test before buying a used Roadster ?

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Hi all,

I am considering the purchase of a used roadster. I think I can test the "normal" health of the car.
But the most critical component to test is the battery, as a replacement would be quite expensive. The milage of the car is only helpful if the owner was responsibly treating the battery.

Can you clue me up what I need to test in terms of battery health. I make an educated guess that total capacity is proportional to battery health as far as a novice can test? So charge in range mode and see what it holds? So what was the total capacity when new? Does the car show capacity or only miles worth of charge?

Thanks for your help.


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    Are you not getting it inspected by Tesla prior to buying? You really should. It's worth the money.

    We recently purchased a used Roadster; wanted it inspected but didn't want to lose the car. So we worked out a deal on our Roadster to put down earnest money and agreed to purchase the car subject to inspection by Tesla and with an option to back out if Tesla said more than $1000 in repairs were necessary.

    When they were inspecting it, our local Tesla service department came across some kind of error code and had to consult with CA engineers about what to do. They did a "battery bleed scan" and found out all was well. We recently had it back in for regular scheduled service and they followed up with another battery bleed scan and have told us all is well.

    I highly recommend having Tesla inspect the car if at all possible. If you can't for some reason (like Geography) I'd suggest calling Tesla and asking them this question.
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    It turned out the car is located at a Tesla location and they have done the last service and a full inspection. So all is well and I bought the car. It a 2012 Roadster 2.5, non Sport.
    Thanks for tip though.

    So now I just have to plan how to get the car home, its 1000km away.
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    "it's 1000km"

    Your dilemma reminds me of a baseball story I just heard. Two MLB southpaws touring Seattle found a gigantic stuffed moose in front of a store or museum. They may or may not have been in their cups, but they bought it. Time came to get it home, and it wouldn't fit in the plane! It was abandoned or gifted to some random interested party on the street there.
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    OK bought the "Beast".
    Collecting it tomorrow.
    Shipping it with the train across Germany to Switzerland. Saving myself 800km on the clock.
    Now looking to get a BlackVue installed by Tesla.

    @Brian H
    Thanks for the correction. Happy to help you out in the Math department if you need help.
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    Check the ideal miles after a charge and check against the Roadster owner battery study to ensure you are not far off the average.
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