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Don't know how I missed this, from February:

3.7 seconds to 60 mph literally forces you to recalibrate your idea of fast. But it’s not just the acceleration. The feeling of the torque and the sound are what make the experience completely earth shattering. This is the future I was promised as a kid growing up in the 80’s. It’s the sound of space ships.. It’s the acceleration of light speed. This is what I expected 2010 to feel like. Why is Tesla the only one who gets this?

And a follow-up with a track test:

Turn in is good but not has quick as an Elise or even as an M3. The rack clearly has been made slower to better manage the dirtiness of the Elise and make the Tesla more approachable by the ordinary socially responsible millionaire.

Traction control on the Tesla is one of the most brilliant bits about the drivetrain. it doesn’t cut power as you lose traction but merely adjusts power output. It’s a seamless way for the car to maintain grip and control and it makes all other system seem nothing less than archaic.

Through all my time on the track there was nothing but the whoosh of air and the sound of the tires working their magic. Driving a Telsa on the track is like listening to the Beatles’ White Album and being able to turn down all the tracks until you just get George Harrison’s lead guitar. The lack of peripheral noise allows you to focus on the tires, chassis and ultimate grip around corners. In my case it also gave me a chance to hear that Ferrari F430 and Porsche GT3 coming up fast from behind (yes the Tesla is fast, but not that fast).

Aside from some painful little malaprops like "ring out" (wring), good review, the second one a bit more "philosophical".


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    good finds.
    The first article makes a good point about how tesla is the only high performance electric car out. There are a few more EVs coming out now (the leaf and volt) and then alot more in 2012, when the Model S comes out. However, the Model S is the only vehicle of its kind. All other EVs are just replacing small, generally low performance cars, and have low range to boot. The fact the model is is meant to compete with high end sedans and will have a higher range and more cargo/passenger space seems promising.
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