Insurance Cost for Roadster

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How much does insurance cost for the Roadster in B.C.?


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    Record? Quote? Translation please, my English left me completely baffled about what you are talking about.

    As for "how long it takes to pay itself back" it depends which cars are you comparing it with. For 100000 USD you can buy a lot of gas, so for purely gas vs electricity prices it would take a long long time to save itself back.

    I think that if you need to think how much it would cost to get Roadster it is too expensive to you. Maybe Model S suits you better.

    IMO it is better looking practical car with still very very good performance. While it doesn't have quite Roadster acceleration it might actually be better handling car because it has a lot lower center of gravity.
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    I'm in Ontario. Some notes:

    Insurance: I was pleasantly surprised. My insurance company only added an extra $600 to my existing policy (one other car) to add the Roadster. My accountant told me that the rates are lower than you might think on expensive cars, because drivers of those cars are statistically less likely to crash them. All I can say is I can't contradict him based on my own experience.

    Cost: As for having it trump other vehicles on cost, that really can't be a serious consideration for a Roadster. The Roadster was famously run off against a Porche Boxster Spyder. In Canada a base Spyder is $72,000, compared to a $125,000 base Canadian Tesla Roadster. You might save $150 or more a month on gasoline. Service might be cheaper long-term. It's clearly gonna take a while.

    If you're comparing the Roadster against a Jetta forget it. They're not at all the same kind of vehicle.

    Now if you get a Model S, that's a different story. The price is in the ballpark of a BMW 335i luxury sports sedan. Over the life of the vehicle you'll probably find it compares well with a Corolla.

    I'd be very surprised if Tesla stopped doing test drives. The probability of purchase goes up dramatically once you put someone behind the wheel. It certainly worked on me.
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    @Timo: By "record" I meant I have a clean driving record (as in no accidents etc.), I'm sorry you did not know what I was talking about, I was just trying to shorten up my post. As for "quote," I'm referring to the estimated cost of insurance that the insurance company (called ICBC here) would provide to an owner of a vehicle.

    I'm considering all costs involved because I'm doing my research as I believe anyone who buys any type of vehicle should. I don't actually think it's too expensive for me in comparison to other vehicles I was considering. I'm just making sure I have all the facts before I choose to purchase one (which is my decision; especially since I'm working hard for all of my money, and there is already a "more practical" vehicle in my household). My basis for asking how long the Tesla takes to pay for itself was based on other posts and articles I have read online that basically state this as a reason for buying. I am merely inquiring.

    @Douglas3: Thank you for your response it was quite helpful, and I know a Jetta is a completely different vehicle from the Roadster, and not something comparable; but I was using that as an example because that's the example that would be given to me by family and friends. Like I said, I was just trying to get all of my facts straight because everything I know is based on articles I've read, forum posts, and the Tesla website.

    I appreciate both your responses.
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    Don't try to convince your family and friends... just take them for a spin!
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    Cost difference between Jetta and Roadster is about $70000. No matter how much you save driving Roadster, it will take a long time to even up. OTOH Jetta is a slow family car, while Roadster is a two-seater sport car. Not really comparable.

    Model S is better comparison, it too is family car, it just outperforms all other family cars, and cost difference is not that big, you might actually save it in gas and maintenance costs during car lifetime.

    I hope Tesla would do a smaller version of Model S, not necessarily much cheaper, just smaller in near future. I simply don't need that much space, so I would be happy with hatchback like Ford Focus or a hardtop sporty four-seater like some Porsche models. Now there is a gap between Roadster and Model S. Roadster is too small, Model S a bit too big.
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    I believe there's a blog with a couple in B.C. that had a Roadster delivered to them. I think the insurance cost was $7000 but I don't know if that's for one year or two.
    I'm on my iPhone, so I can't link it to you myself.
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    I think all ICBC (government insurance) policies are 1 year terms, but as I'm in Ontario, I don't see many of them.

    My cost in Southern Ontario is about $1,650 / year.
  • $1200/year in SoCal
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    I'm 30mins north or Toronto and commute into the GTA every day. It is the communting tiers (Class 1=Pleasure use only; Class 2= <24kms each way; Class 3=> 24kms and business use allowed) that kill the insurance rates in the GTA. And of course the fact that 75% of the people in this town have no clue how to drive a vehicle in any manner that is remtely related to safe. With 3 million cars on the road in he GTA, that is a lot of crazies.

    I tried to get a quote for the Model S, but no company would quote me on it. The good news is that they were all aware that it is coming. I was told it is the company policy to not quote any insurance rate until the manufacturer sends the vehicle specs to the Federal & Provincial government first. That will happen most definitely by Q1 of 2012 as the Telsa Roadster is currently the only car on the Ontario Government website getting the full $8500 "Green" rebate and you know the Model S will be on the too, of course.

    I was quoted $1809/CDN plus 13% HST for all standard coverages for the Roadster 2.5 for Class 3 rating usage, as I plan to use my Model S for the 66km commute each way and 80% of the time it will all be for business use. That $1809 is your "worst case" scenario folks.

    The Model S should be a chunk cheaper as the car does not cost $125k-$150k and it isn't a 2-seater sports car. I'm expecting about $1250-$1500. The Ontario insurance market is a racket through (we all just got our coverages cut in 1/2 but our rate increase 8%), so it can really be anywhere from $1000-$2500 depending on who you call. Shop around and shop when Elon calls you 3mths before your car rolls down the line.

    Happy Hunting.
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    My rate went up by $830/year for my 2011 Roadster Sport & I was happy with that quote. Then my agent called back about an hour later telling me to sit down. It turns out I also qualified for a second car discount of $750, so my net increase for my Roadster was $80/year.

    I still can't believe it - but I've paid the annual bill and have my new insurance card. It probably doesn't hurt that I have my house insured through the same company and have had no claims in the years I've been with them.

    Still amazing.
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    In NE Tennessee I found it costs me $630/year to insure the Tesla. Not inexpensive but not that expensive really.
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    I'm in Georgia and use AllState for auto, home and umbrella insurance (I'm 35 years old, own my home, single, no kids, one car insured).

    I currently drive a 2007 Range Rover Sport (annual premium, $1200). My AllState agent quoted me a figure equal to the Rover for a 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport (assuming I get rid of the Rover and lease the Tesla Roaster this summer).

    They could not quote a premium for my reserved Model S.
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    I just brought Tesla Roadster 10days ago and live in San Diego,California. My insurance from American Family Insurance company is costing me $2400/year.
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    My Roadster is insured by Wawanesa (which is headquartered in San Diego) for $700/year with a projected mileage of 6K/year and two other vehicles also insured.
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    Wow. $700 a year? I have very high coverage limits though but mine is closer to $900 every 6 months.
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    Yes, I was surprised. It was half what I was quoted by others. Wawanesa does have a $100K max payout, which might or might not be acceptable.
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    Update from previous post from 2 April 2011:

    Insurance provider: AllState
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    Terms: Leasing a Roadster / 10,000 miles per year
    Quote: $1,767 per year with $1,000 deductible.
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