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Tesla's website should offer a build-yours option, where body colors and options will show up on the car as it is 'built' by the prospective buyer.
And show the interior when the seat-fabric is chosen. The touch screen pops onto the dash when it's chosen. And so on...
I'd also like the black wheels to disappear from the pick-your-color page and be replaced by some bright, shiny wheels, if the potential customer chooses. Silver wheels look best on the car, as your several photos show.
Is there any reason why this is a bad idea?


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    Given that the Roadster isn't being continued on, it becomes kinda pointless until after it's redesign.

    Might not be a bad idea for the model s, but I think that's for 2013 or so. Right now, Tesla doesn't need another bill :p
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    I wonder how soon the speculation will ramp up here about the nature of the "redesign"! Drivetrain, shell, cockpit?

    Let the games begin!

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    OK, here I go:

    Development is already under progress, but kept in good secrecy. They redesigned the car for Tesla's advanced aluminum manufacturing process. As it will still be a super sports car, they go for the low ride and the battery pack located near the center. This means no changes to seat position and battery pack location (behind the seats).

    Advances in battery tech (C~12Wh) will result in less than 4000 cells for the standard pack, cutting down curb weight to a dizzy 2050lbs and reducing rolling resistance. The range is slightly reduced to 200 miles, though.

    Acceleration benefits, too. We now talk about electric railgun here, guys: 3.3s. That is if you don't go for the "sport" motor version plus the "racing" battery pack (2500 cells). The result is still kept secret, but it might be below 3s.

    Please email me for prices :-)

    'nuff flow of mind...
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    I'm not a big fan of sports cars but I think the top speed really needs to be increased. I remember a friend when I was a teen would take his Camero over to the track and race against other assorted cars for fun. After the first mile the winner would come down to top speed and handling.
    Oval banked tracks make continuous high speeds easy so Tesla's acceleration losses it's advantage.

    Is there any way they could design a 2 speed manual tranny? Fast and HOLY #*$&! I believe I read of a failed attempt at one.

    I kinda talk'n Bugatti Veyron acceleration and speed.
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    Apparently they don't make metals strong enough to handle the forces in a gear change for the Tesla motor. The "failed attempt" was top manufacturers trying to provide a tranny strong enough.

    If you want to increase the top speed, hack the electronics limiting the RPMs. I understand the motor has actually been run at 20,000rpm in the lab; that would give you over 200mph!
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    Correction: over 175mph.
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    I don't believe Roadster could go much faster than it currently can even with RPM limit removed, at higher RPMs torque and kW start to drop and at the 14k RPM those both have already dropped quite a bit from max values. You don't have anywhere near 200kW at 14k RPM. I think 125mph is pretty close to Roadster actual top speed.

    If you want faster car you better tweak transmission so that you lose a bit in acceleration, but get max HP at higher speeds.

    I think Roadster would actually be a bit faster in drag race with slightly slower initial acceleration. In 0-60 acceleration torque curve is already dropping near 60mph, in 0-100 torque has dropped quite a bit at the end, car doesn't accelerate much anymore.

    60 mph is 60/125 *140000 RPM = 6720RPM. From Roadster specs:

    Roadster sport:

    295 lb-ft at 0-5,100 rpm, 288 hp (215 kW) at 4,400-6,000 rpm

    Translated to speeds that is

    295 lb-ft from 0-45mph, 288 hp (215 kW) at 39-53mph

    If you think about real world drag race results, Roadster sport top speed about 102mph, time around 12.6s. If Roadster gets 0-60 at 3.7, it uses 8.9 to get the rest 42mph, which quite a bit time.
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