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De-ICE Man Coneth



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    Green is confusing. Yes it's symbolically cool but people recognize that orange cones = no no.

    Green = ? Saved for you, whoever you are...
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    Sooooooo .......

    I was there today around 4:30pm Cones still there. One ICE'd spot. I waited and put the cone in the the last spot. Your mission ... should you decide to accept it ... should any of your IM force be caught or killed. You know the rest.

    Here is a shot of the ICE'd.

    <img src="; width="640" height="480" alt="image">
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    Generally it's optimal to post the pic with the license plate of the offender. They have a right to be shamed. ;)
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    He knew now that he was a pioneer. And he believed that it was not premature to consider where he fit within the pantheon of the Great Ones.

    There was Gandhi, who wrestled an entire nation free from the tyranny of the oppressors. There was Mother Theresa, who brought comfort and hope to the afflicted. And there was Code Orange, who helped unusually wealthy people spare themselves the inconvenience of waiting to charge their Teslas. Each contributed in his or her own way.

    But he needed guidance. Direction. Ideas. Many were worthy of consideration.

    For example, Teo suggested the painting of a green and white electric vehicle diagram on the pavement of the Tesla parking stalls. That could work. Code Orange could simply haul two large buckets of paint to the charging station in his Model S and then, when no one was looking, paint the electric vehicle diagram onto the pavement of the four stalls, using stencils and a variety of brushes. What could go wrong?

    Tes-s suggested using green cones, but Code Orange was, well, Code Orange. Having embarked on guerilla tactics with his Nom de Guerre, now was not the time to suffer through an identity crisis.

    And he faced the sobering analysis of Pungoteague_Dave, who warned of criminal prosecution for littering, trespass, and defacement of private property. Prison? He could see the headlines now: "Code Orange is the New Code Black."

    Code Orange needed time to consider his next move. He consoled himself with visions of his new apparel, suggested by MacDaddyDudedyLady. A traffic cone hat, and spandex cartoon hero tights, complete with cape and mask. Yes, he would do it! He would show himself to the world, clad in attire consistent with the dignity of his mission.
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    The Huntsville, Texas supercharging stations have a rather emphatic "TOWING STRICTLY ENFORCED FOR NON-TESLA VEHICLES" sign at each stall. There was not one ICE vehicle in any of the charging stalls when I was charging there. Those signs make a good deterrent!
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    @Code Orange, I think maybe just put out cones.... No further action needed...

    Key to success: out of sight out of mind. I call it the OOS OOM principle. I've used it throughout my life when I wanted to do something that isn't bad but could be socially awkward and cause me unnecessary explanation effort.

    Sort of like this: I take great pleasure in seeming average/normal while being anything BUT.

    So continue on with your work in a quiet, behind the scenes, only-briefly-glimpsed, almost like the hard to catch 'neighborhood spiderman' fashion yet more reclusive.
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    Let people's assumptions blur their memory: don't make it obvious this is a rogue vigilante action, and people will mostly assume the cones are just the way it is.

    The only issue would be if the property landlord assumes Tesla did it and gets upset. You might consider a statement that says "placed by a concerned Tesla driver, NOT ASSOCIATED WITH TESLA IN ANY WAY."

    Then for the occasional property landlord who doesn't like it, it's just a nuisance but nothing further.
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    (The latter being in small font)
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    No dignity → no attire?
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    Captain_Zap said:

    "In Washington, if you do business with the public it is considered a public place."

    That is exactly the correct reason why the regulations are enforceable in private property. On this one I agree to AmpedRealtor and Captain_Zap. The criteria is whether or not it is open to public. It doesn't matter if the land is on private property.

    For example restrooms in shopping malls and restaurants and other buildings are subject to strict regulations because they are open to public.

    In fact Washington State law specifically includes private property. It says:
    "electric vehicle charging station provided on public or private property"

    You might argue that the law wouldn't apply to Tesla stations because they don't have the specific signage to declare it officially a charging station but there is information here that disagrees with that assumption:

    "I have checked with a sheriff ...CAN in fact be ticketed for the $124"

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    As stated in another thread, signs are coming from the service station owner.

    These signs went up on the northbound side of the Merritt, directly across from the SC for the CHAdeMO chargers.

    <img src="; width="375" height="500" alt="Untitled">
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    Shouldn't the title of this thread be "THE DE-ICE MAN CONETH" instead of "THE DE-ICE MAN COMETH" ?
  • tgatga
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    <i>These signs went up on the northbound side of the Merritt, directly across from the SC for the CHAdeMO chargers.</i>

    Those signs are sort of useless. At a small rest area like this, who's going to occupy any space for more than 15 minutes anyway? Maybe they get people to think before parking, maybe not.
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    @Big T Drop the "The." jsut "De Ice Man Cometh (Coneth)"
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  • Every town/state is different. At the Newark DE chargers there is a no parking symbol and below that says "except for car charging. Of course the only charging that can be done is with a Tesla.
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    The green cones might not draw attention like the orange cones but, they would make sense in the Evergreen State because we have the green pavement marking rules for EVs.

    Stay orange and don't worry about an identity crisis until you go west, young man.,
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    Code Orange's cones were still there in the afternoon of September 10, 2014 at the southbound Merritt Parkway, Greenwich, Ct. supercharger station. And they were being obeyed.

    No one dared remove them. Not the property owner. Not Tesla. Not even the ICErs. The cones, with their official stickers (text drafted by Code Orange), conveyed the voice of authority. Legitimacy.

    His plan was working. Code Orange had never suffered from an excess of intelligence, but somehow he had stumbled onto an ingenious plan, not terribly disruptive or confrontational, but gently coercive.
    Code Orange would expand his activities at this level, following the suggestion of logicalthinker. No vigilante conduct, not yet anyway.

    Code Orange dreamed that night that an army of Tesla owners fanned out across the country, from Tridelphia, WV to Barstow, CA, from Burlington, WA to Fort Meyers, FL, placing orange cones with warning stickers in the Tesla charging spots. Some owners were wary at first about participating in the Great Cone Placement, but Code Orange waived all copyright protection regarding the sticker text. There were no more excuses.

    Code Orange awoke, burdened by many questions. Would his plan work? Would other Tesla owners pick up the mantle and sustain the movement? Would Code Orange learn not to refer to himself in the third person singular?

    These were questions for another day. Progress, however small, was being made.
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    Code Orange for President!
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    Code Orange must be the alter ego of Elon Musk. However, they must be the same person as they both have released their 'patents'!
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    LOVE this thread!
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    OP -What is the point to this thread?

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    @mclary I flag you.
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