Palo Alto Service epartment

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Has anyone had any problems with the Service Department??
I have. A service department can make or break a company. At this point the Palo Alto service department is breaking the company. For details please contact me.


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    Put up, or shut up. Spamming 4 threads with this does not give you any credibility.
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    Ok Vawlkus you wanted details. My car was having problems while I was driving in the San Francisco bay area. It was not holding its charge. I could not get a sufficent charge to drive to their shop. I left the car at my sisters and asked if they could pick it up. They were no shows for the scheduled pickups. After mutable scheduled pickups and the car was pickeup almost a week later. After they had the car for a week, I was able to get through to the service department. I was told that the car would be ready the next day and that the would deliver it to me. It has been 3 weeks now and still no car! Each time I call, I receive some vague reason why it was not delivered and no phone call to me stating that it was not being delivered.
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    Sounds like BS to me. Proof?
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    Multiple posts are stupid. That's you!
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    These negative coments must be made by workers of the Palo Alta service department. The facts given are true!!
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    Simply saying something does not make it a fact.

    Do you have fall logs for calls placed?
    Do you have recordings of conversations with Palo Altos service reps?
    Do you even have a time and day fir when your car should have been picked up bs when it was actually picked up?
    Etc, etc.

    Proof, that's what people want. Not vague accusations. For all we know, you've been harassing the service dept by telling them bad names and adresses.

    Like Brian said, you're already in the negative category for mindless spam threads, so you've got some credibility to gain before we're gonna listen to what your saying.
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    Vawlkus, from your statements I am sure that you are an employee of Tesla!! Yes I do have a call log of the dates and times all of the calls that were made. No I do not record my calls. I am not the CIA. I do have a log all the dates and times the car was to be picked up but the service department failed to do so. These are facts not vague accusations as you would like people to belive. Your coment that I gave out false names and bad addresses is an out right falsehood.
    I do love my roadster but knowing how bad and unreliable the service department is, I would not have purchased one nor recomend anyone to do so!!
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    I wish I worked at Tesla, but I'm in the wrong country for that.

    And no, these are not facts, they are unsupported accusations with no proof backing them up. Try again.
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    JackL -

    I am not an employee of Tesla. I am, however, the happy owner of a Roadster (#1194, obviously). I suspect the reason you're being met with such skepticism/criticism is because Roadster owners (myself included) have typically experienced stellar customer service.

    I have not had interactions with the Palo Alto service department, but have with Menlo Park. I can tell you they were professional, have met their time commitments, and one service person (Jake!) even came in on his day off to make sure I was taken care of.

    I'm sure you'll accuse me of being a Tesla plant. -shrug- There isn't much I can do about that. I can't help but wonder what Tesla's side of this story would be. What do YOU think they'd say?
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    Hey Jack ... As best I know, Palo Alto doesn't have a service department. That's corporate headquarters.

    Did you mean Menlo Park?
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