Score 1 for EVs

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After Disaster Hit Japan, Electric Cars Stepped Up

Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan Leaf Prove Essential in Japanese Disaster Aid Relief

The EVs in Japan prove the point: charging is not a problem, it is easier than fueling. After the disaster in Japan, gasoline is in very short supply, and impossible to deliver in the ravaged areas. But... electricity was restored within days.

Range anxiety? How about zero miles for ICE cars? :-)


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    Picked up an interesting detail in those articles: the i-MiEV also has a flat battery under the floor.
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    I hope a lot of people are getting this information as well as a lot more information about EVs on a world wide basis. Think I will call the White House in USA about the EV thing. Called them on another matter, switchboard was very polite and attentive. Also called State Dept on same issue, also very polite and attentive as was I. So in few days State Dept made public statement using same verbage I had used so it had to be my input,ha. But truly sometimes polite input does have more effect than most private citizens think. It's a democracy folks.
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