Hi! prospective customer to Tesla :)

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I'm new to the Tesla community and just wanted to say hello, I have been reading alot about Tesla and I have to say I'm expressed!

As awesome as the roadster is it is the Model S that officially drew me in. From what I've seen and read i'm really looking forward to it. I have high hopes for the Model S and i will be in the market to purchase a new car next year or so ,however i have lots of questions.

Not so much for at the car itself (to me it is a beautiful CityDriven-AstonMartin-EV hybrid car :) but becuase i live in Canada (you can see where my questions are heading) I would like to know how the car preforms in all seasons under all conditions.

I have seen some questions that are based on that criteria but i'm wondering if there are any articles or Q&A sessions that address some of the questions?


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    Welcome! I'm in US but from what I understand, the Roadster does pretty well in the snow and it's more of a sports car with performance tires. Of course no one knows exactly how the Model S will handle yet but if anything, it should be better than the Roadster. I'm sure some of the Canadian Roadster owners can give you a little better information though.
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    I live in Florida and have to travel many miles to find good roads, is there any problem with heat issues and if you participate in a Rally how many miles can you expect per day?
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    No idea how it "preforms", but there's lots of info indicating it <i>performs</i> quite well in snow and ice. ;)
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