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Just dreaming out loud here..

I graduate college in 6 months and of course am ready to travel all around and get the ants out of my pants after 6 years in college. Talks about buying a house, or a new car come more and more with talks of full time employment post-college. Houses make me feel like I should settle down somewhere (yuck) and any car other than a Tesla is boring and outdated as far as I'm concerned. As you all probably know, entry level positions will probably supply enough funds for either a house or a new car, but not both. Then I thought, huh, what if I just live in a Model X, like people used to live in VW vans.

Lets think about this:
-Free coast to coast traveling
-Free heat and AC (again using super chargers)
-Plenty of space
-Mobile (not trapped in a house)
-Showers on the beach?

Modifications for a kitchenette in a Model X?? HA!

I know it sounds crazy but I think the MX is probably one of the most practical vehicles out there to live in..

Ideas? Suggestions?


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    <i>@Efoster4green&lt;/i>, you should petition Elon Musk to include water and sewage hookups at the supercharger stations, maybe start with the ones near camp-sites.
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    Suggestions, get a job with your degree in Feminine Studies and save up. Work will provide you with your needs. BTW, the POTUS will not lone you anymore money. Your student loans are maxed out.

    Sack up.
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    Maybe Tesla should consider building a Model-RV next.
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    I would suggest skipping the superchargers or at least some of them and hitting KOA's when you need a charge and a shower. Some of them even have little cottages you could hang in, cook and shower while your X charges at the 50amp outlet outside.

    Sounds like a fun adventure! Be sure to blog about it so we can follow along!
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    That sounds fun. Make sure you start a blog and put some videos on Youtube. I'm sure you will have a lot of followers.

    Elon used to take shower at YMCA.
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    @Efoster4green: 6 years to get through college?
    Maybe you should get a job, save your pennies and perhaps, someday, you'll be able to afford to test your thesis.
    In the meantime watch all of Bjørn Nyland's videos. He practically lives in his MS in Norway, eating cold rice and canned fish from Thailand. We will expect a report when you have finished watching them. You will be graded. If you pass, you will be allowed to order an MX. By that time it may actually be orderable.:-))
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    Why would he leave his warm mommies basement? He has free healthcare, food, and shelter.

    Just give him what he wants, it is his civil right.

    Party on Garth.
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    The plan is to use the mx as a "camper van" for summer trips to the hills, so hey why not give it a go to live in.
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    You mentioned having the money to buy a house or car but not both. You are far better off buying a house with your money than a car. A house is an investment for the future and will hold its value in line with the rest of the housing market. A car is a depreciating asset that will be worth next to nothing by the time you are done using it.

    If you are truly serious about living the nomadic lifestyle, buy a used van that is already largely depreciated. Doing so with a Model X is totally impractical and will cost you more in the long run once you realize the need to settle down.
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    haha I appreciate the feedback everyone..

    @georgehawley.. The 6 years includes two degrees and two professional certificates,but I didn't think anyone really cared about that..

    @vperl lol I haven't lived at home in 6 years but a chuckle is always nice.. and considering I invested in the Tesla stock at $32, I wouldn't say my debt is maxed out by any means.

    I hadn't thought of the campgrounds, that would be awesome on the recreational side of things.. Potentially supercharger/YMCA for the city side of things.
    Completely practical really isn't the goal here, I watched what happened to people and the housing market, I'm not sold on that lifestyle.

    I think it would be a fun thing to blog about that's for sure!
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    Femine studies and a degree in Philosophy will set you up for life on the road. Underpasses usually are your best spot, bring plastic sheeting and a shopping cart.
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    harshness abounding. :(
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    @Efoster4green — It’s a splendid idea! I can vividly imagine touring the country in a Model X: charging, showering, cooking at campgrounds; taking photographs, publishing a travel blog—it sounds wonderful. I know a family that did this with their young kids, two months at a time, every summer for several years, in a VW Microbus back in the 70s—they remember these as the best times of their lives.

    Or…you could forgo the adventure of a lifetime and quickly become miserable and cynical like all the bullies: spend your life earning more money, backstab callously on your way up the corporate ladder, buy the biggest house you can possibly afford, accumulate stuff rather than experience, ignore family/spouses/kids, resent your life, stare at your smartphone all day, trash young people with cool dreams on the internet to make yourself feel good.
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    When choosing a path these words from Robert Frost ring with truth.

    "I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."
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    Should you go down this path, as stated above, please share via a blog. There will be many that will not get it. They will provide reason for sympathy and humor. You will be richer however for having lived.

    This unsolicited advice comes from one who long toiled in the concrete jungle of corporate America. I did not regret a single day of it. Nor did I regret a single day of the many less traveled roads I explored before I settled down. And as always free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it! :)

    Best of luck with whichever path you choose.
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    Free coast to coast traveling is valid, but free heat and A/C using Superchargers is not. If you are really going to live in the Model X, it would be ideal to have a parking place with a NEMA 14-50 to plug in to while you sleep, not a Supercharger. Like already suggested campgrounds would be a great place to get such an electrical connection as well as other amenities.

    Get yourself a P.O. Box so you have a mailing address and you've got a cell phone. Just don't complain if you lose your job in 6 months and your $100k car is now only worth $80k and you owe $95k on it and can't make payments. If you can make a substantial down payment and can lower your chances of losing your place to live if you run into some financial trouble the risk of such a decision is a lot lower.
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    @Efoster4green : This is an exciting post for me, as I have also been working through the logistics of doing something similar. I am a musician, and intend to use the MX (as soon as I can afford one, and they're available :) ) in a similar way. Here are my suggestions for you :

    <li> Google "Car Camping". World of info here. </li>
    <li> Sleep Safe : So far I've compiled the following ideas of what places would be easy and free or cheap to sleep : </li>
    <li> Wal-mart (this one shocked me, but about 80% of Walmart's out there allow overnight parking [usually for truckers], they have security cams, and are patrolled, ask or call first though, or use one of these tools - </li>
    <li> Apartments or Condo Guest Spots </li>
    <li> National Parks </li>
    <li> Gyms : Get either a Anytime Fitness or LA Fitness membership (or both, for sake of convenience) that will easily take care of your showers, bathroom breaks, and you could even work out if you felt like it :) </li>
    <li> Working : Panera is already my "office away from the office" so this one's kind of no-brainer for me. That mixed with my unlimited data (grandfathered in for now, but who knows how long that will last) I should be able to work from anywhere </li>
    <li> Window Blackouts : There's a coupla great opaque products on amazon that are made specifically for the Model S, I'm sure they'll have some for X eventually too </li>

    Good luck. And PLEASE, like the others have said, blog or at least post about your adventure! Cheers!!

    @vperl : WTF? Here you have an earnest, open, honest call for suggestions . . . and you're needlessly condemning, name calling, and just generally being awful to someone, for what sounds to be a fun adventurous experience of a lifetime. How very open minded of you. Enjoy your ulcers. We'll enjoy the road.
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    @FelixMendeldog +1! Exactly.
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    Detroit, your funny.

    No one likes a funny one.
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    Wrong. All SC use by qualified Teslas, including for powering accessories, is free. Deal.
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    I don't think the idea itself is necessarily a bad one, but I see the harsh posts as more a reaction to the way the OP floated it out there. It reads more as not wanting to be like everyone else and desiring to drive an awesome car. If it was phrased anything like "Detroit Supercharger"'s post that showed research and forethought, I think the reaction here would have been very different.

    If the car precludes you from making rent, then you should make sure you are committed to this lifestyle for 5 years or so until it is paid off. Unlike those VW camper vans, the MX doesn't really offer anything special in terms of living amenities. I don't see too much of a difference between an MX and any other big SUV in terms of being a camper, other than treating the superchargers as a free gas card since you don't have a home to recharge at, and not having the engine idling all day. Am I missing the point in some way?
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    I do love all of the commentary. ahhh, that is plain to see now that you said it. Thanks.

    @Detroit Supercharger I live in downtown Detroit, definitely feel like an outcast here with of my Tesla dreams. Thanks for your feedback, dare I say we think alike?

    I'm hoping that I can work remotely for the most part, I have some opportunities presented to me recently that would allow me to do this. If the MX had 4g connection that would be fantastic as well- and then I would definitely be able to blog about this.

    MS owners: If I wanted to sleep in the car overnight, would it stay on to heat/cool the air, or would it eventually shut off?

    @FelixMendeldog hahah :)
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    Search with for "camper mode". Basically, use the emergency brake in Neutral instead of turning the car off with Park.
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    Thanks @Brian H
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    This has been steadily gaining traction in national news, so I guess I'll mention it here. Maybe it will recruit a few more people. The gist is the Blue Jays' top prospect has been living in a VW van for some length of time since the season ended.
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